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2023 & Plans for 2024

2023 & Plans for 2024

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Merry Christmas and happy holidays! Our team at UpTrader would like to take a moment to express our appreciation and gratitude to our amazing clients.


As we prepare for the new year, we want to remind you that we are committed to providing you with the best service possible to make your Forex experience smooth and efficient.


2023 has been really eventful for us, UpTrader has become the best Forex CRM provider according to an independent web-portal 


Let’s recap the key things we’ve improved for you in 2023.


User Experience


This year we’ve made our CRM even more interactive and customizable. We have improved a lot of small features like the opportunity to Establish Bonus Limits or Additional Fields in Payment Transactions to keep the history and more. 


We’ve added an extra security measure, two-factor authentication (2FA), to our Forex CRM. Although switched off by default, it can be activated by brokers based on individual client needs and is designed to safeguard traders' accounts from unauthorized access and fraud. 


Partner Program


We’ve enabled online viewing of the partner’s reward report, eliminating the need to download XLS files. All details including traded instruments, commissions, transaction types, profits, and partner commissions, are now conveniently available online.


Furthermore, the minimum duration a trading position needs to be open to be considered for affiliate commission can now be personalized for each partner, which allows for greater flexibility in establishing affiliate commission standards while promoting accuracy and openness in calculations.


We've also greatly increased the speed of partner reward calculation for Sub IB. Now, all levels are instantly calculated, allowing for timely rewards for your network.

And we have fully synchronized our Partner program with cTrader, providing you with a handy tool to persist in your worldwide expansion. 


Payment Methods

We’ve introduced a Local Payment Agent feature to our Forex CRM. This new feature allows you to independently add payment agents for cash payments from clients at your offices or other local methods. The addition of this feature substantially eases broker operations in areas where bank processing or well-known payment systems may pose challenges. The Local Payment Agent feature is provided free of charge and is accessible to all UpTrader customers.


We have added a specific Wallet Balance column for reports. Users can now more conveniently monitor and control their wallet balances through the User Export report.


We have upgraded our Wallet to include Pending Funds that are waiting for approval in the balance. This change will give users a clearer, real-time overview of their money, enabling better management of their internal transfers.


We have also added a bunch of new payment systems, and now it’s counted more than 50 popular and local systems all over the world. 


Power BI Analytics


Just recently, we’ve introduced Power BI analytics for you to be able to get all of the invaluable business insights. Power BI is a business analytics tool that aids users in turning data from multiple sources into comprehensive interactive dashboards and insightful reports.


With Power BI, you get clear analytics for your business, allowing for comparison of various business aspects, forecasting, and informed planning. It helps identify successful clients, popular trading instruments, trading volumes, preferred countries, and popular payment systems, aiding in crafting special offers and customized trading conditions.


Our team is constantly working on improving our services to meet your evolving needs and remain your all-in-one Forex CRM solution. 


In 2024, our plans are ambitious and we are determined to fulfill them.


Plans for 2024


First and foremost, we will bring you the first version of our Sales Interface by the end of January. Our sales module is designed to skyrocket your sales and assist your sales department. It offers a meticulously designed client card, tasks for the sales team, performance analytics, client distribution among managers, as well as an intricate system of tags and filters.


We'll add email and telephony services to the Sales Interface. We are confident that this addition will allow for streamlined and well-coordinated communication.


We are also planning to add WhatsApp to the Sales Interface. This move aligns with our goal of making it as easy as possible for our users to access, and make the most out of our service.

We have received multiple requests to improve our affiliate module. Therefore, we plan to introduce:

1. Variable commission issuance depending on client trade groups.


2. The ability to work with markups.

3. The ability to manage Sub-IBs with fixed payment amounts across all levels and 

customized depending on the number of levels.

Beyond these developments, we are excited to announce our intention to develop a mobile application for our CRM and cryptocurrency gateway that stays highly demanded among forex brokers. 

We are honored to serve you and grateful for your loyalty. We remain committed to enhancing your experience, simplifying operations, and working on your suggestions and ideas. Your business's growth remains our top priority. Wishing you and your loved ones a wonderful holiday season and a prosperous new year!


Your UpTrader Team


2023 & Plans for 2024


Happy Holidays