Custom development

Design and development of software and services for Forex brokers

Brokerage business has certain unique aspects, and companies working in this industry often face very specific needs. Thanks to many years of collaboration with a major international broker, we have a deep expertise in building IT infrastructures for this kind of businesses and creation of very different products that allow structuring unique workflows for client and partner-oriented operations for every particular company.

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Our team



with many years of experience in Forex


years of expertise

with international brokers


brokers launched on a turnkey basis

We build the infrastructure from the ground up.


Forex companies use UpTrader products

Including Grand Capital and Arum Capital

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Any software in the areas of



  • Plugins for MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5
  • Websites
  • CRM
  • Trading terminal
  • Trader interface
  • Mobile apps
  • Bonus programs
  • Multi-level partnership programs
  • Automated reward payouts
  • Loan programs for partners

Development of smart contracts

optimization and automation of your business through the integration of blockchain-based smart contracts

Integration of cryptogate

implementation and configuration of client payments in cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency exchange

a standalone cryptocurrency exchange platform with the feature of liquidity aggregation

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Advantages of custom development

Unique challenges:
we create out-of-the-box solutions for Forex businesses

Competitive advantages
thanks to custom solutions created with the specifics of your business in mind

Individual approach
to software development

Optimal functionality
exclusively tailored to your needs

Customer becomes the proprietor
of the developed software and gets the source code

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