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UpTrader Invest is an investment service combining the popular technologies of PAMM, MAM, and social trading. Brokers do not have to limit themselves anymore: connect UpTrader Invest and get all three in one package!

Works with the following platforms:

  • .

    MetaTrader 4

  • .

    MetaTrader 5

  • .
  • .

Offer your clients a new source of income and watch your business grow!


Suitable for investors of any level of expertise

The service allows investors with any level of experience to start investing immediately and generate profits from trading on Forex, cryptocurrency, or derivatives markets.

Easy to control

Among the service’s hallmarks is the simplicity of operations for all parties involved: the broker, the account manager, and the investor.

Highly customisable

Flexible settings provide options to choose between the methods of profit distribution and risk management.

  • Integration within one day
  • Three profit distribution options
  • Two methods for disconnecting from a strategy
  • Slick and intuitive interface
  • Over 500 trading instruments are available: currencies, cryptocurrencies, spot metals, CFDs on stocks, futures, bonds, and indices
  • Multi-currency accounts: currencies, cryptocurrencies, metals
  • A single interface for managing trading and investments
  • High execution speed
  • Zero chance of missing trades

MAM, PAMM, or social trading platform

UpTrader Invest can function as any of these systems. Brokers can choose whichever mode they prefer or enable all three at the same time.

PAMM module

Standard mode: the manager trades in a common account, while investors monitor the transactions and can see changes in their account balance.

  • Master can see all the funds
  • Investors can see individual trades

Social trading, or copy trading platform

The trader operates with their personal funds in their personal account, while transactions are copied to the accounts of investors.

  • Master cannot see all the funds
  • Investors can see individual trades

UpTrader Invest features


  • Profits and losses are precisely calculated
  • Investors can have volumes as small as 0.0001 lots, which enables small investments relative to the Master’s balance
  • Investors can monitor their profits via all available methods for MetaTrader (desktop app, mobile app, web terminal) & via UpTrader Fx CRM
  • Protection of Investor’s balance (automatically disconnecting when an Investor reaches a certain threshold for losses)

Several modes of deposits & withdrawals:

  • Automatic, immediate (but an operation may fail if automatic closure is enabled and there is a lack of Forex liquidity)
  • Manual (Master has to approve each deposit/withdrawal)
  • Rollover schedule: when creating a strategy, Master selects a schedule for rollovers. They can choose from two schedule types: each n-th day (for example, each 7th day means weekly) or monthly, on a certain day of each month (for example, on the 1st day of each month)


  • Customisable investment ratios (ratio of Investor’s to Master’s balance)
  • Support for automatically increasing Master’s volume on new investments
  • Support for automatically decreasing Master’s volume (partial trade closure) on withdrawals

Several types of Master’s reward calculation:

  • % of profit during a period (the period is set up in the same way as rollovers)
  • High water mark (Master gets reward each time an Investor’s balance reaches a new high)


  • A-book compatible: all trades related to a strategy happen in one account which can easily be hedged
  • Fully integrated with UpTrader Fx CRM, which provides an interface for both Master and Investor, as well as colourful strategy statistics graphs
  • Compatible with share trading
  • Compatible with MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5
  • Compatible with automated trading (trading robots & advisors)
  • Installed as a native MetaTrader plugin which ensures precise trade processing
  • Compatible with different base currencies, including crypto
  • Several languages supported
  • Can be controlled from MetaTrader Manager app
  • Has easy-to-use REST API which enables 3rd-party integrations
  • Compatible with cryptocurrency trading
  • Customisable interface (colours etc.)
  • It is possible to create demo strategies & demo investors

Track the profitability online!

  • In the web interface
  • In the mobile MT4 app
  • In the desktop or web MT4 app

Simple operating procedures for investors

Choose a trader

Investors choose a strategy from the list in their profile based on the history of profitability; the chart shows the trading instruments used by the manager. Investors submit an investment request, and the manager accepts or rejects it. If the manager enables automatic authorisation of investments, the strategy will be connected instantly.


Track the profitability

From now on, the investor will be able to track the profitability in the mobile MT4 app, web terminal, or the desktop version of the platform. The investor will not be able to trade in this account, only the changes in their account balance will be visible.


Manage investments

The investor chooses a strategy based on the history of profitability and the manager’s preferred instruments that are visible on the chart. This creates an investment request which is either accepted or rejected by the manager. The manager can also enable automatic authorisation of all investments.

Loss limiting feature

Investors can set daily loss limits.

There are several methods of disconnecting from a strategy based on the account settings:

  • Disconnect instantly;
  • Submit a disconnection request to be accepted by the manager;
  • On rollovers: disconnection request will be accepted according to schedule.

Comfortable conditions for managers

Profit distribution

Managers can choose between three reward systems available in the settings:

  • Reward per manager’s trading volume;
  • Percentage of profit generated during a certain period set by the manager;
  • High watermark: reward for the increase in balance.
Multi-currency accounts

Currencies, cryptocurrencies, metals.

Robot trading

Managers can use trading robots or EAs in their master accounts. This feature is available in any mode of the investment service. Since manager accounts in UpTrader Invest are simply standard trading accounts in MetaTrader 4, EAs operate in a fashion conventional to MT.

Over 500 trading instruments available

Major and exotic currencies, popular cryptocurrencies, spot metals, as well as derivatives are available to traders. The platform offers a wide selection of CFDs on the stocks of European and American companies, futures, bonds, and indices.

Management for brokers

Supported platforms: МТ4 and МТ5

UpTrader Invest is a great copy trading software for MT4 and MT5. Our MT4 White Label and MT5 White Label packages come with the integrated PAMM, MAM, and White Label copy trading platform and all trading instruments:

  • Currencies
  • Futures
  • Indices
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Stock and spot metal CFDs
  • Bonds
Risk management

There are no restrictions for brokers on how they want to make money in this service. Any existing arrangement is available, including spreads and fees. The service works with any variations of A-book/B-book. Note that superior risk hedging can be achieved in MT5 and MT4 PAMM or MAM mode for A-book brokers.

Any questions for us?

Don’t hesitate to ask!

API access

UpTrader Invest can be integrated into your website or Forex CRM as a standalone product. We provide API and full documentation, and you can create your own interfaces.

Control your UpTrader Invest in MetaTrader Manager

Brokers can manage their UpTrader Invest plugins through the MetaTrader Manager mobile app. It offers full managing capabilities: opening new accounts, deposits, analytics, and much more.


Unlike similar platforms, UpTrader Invest is a plugin that works directly at the MT4 core, ensuring the stability of operations and completely eliminating the possibility of missing trades, which is inevitable when connecting to MetaTrader 4 externally — and that is exactly how most similar solutions work.

Integration into CRM: a single interface

All UpTrader products are integrated into Forex CRM. The system is designed to operate as a single comfortable environment to manage all your business processes.


Broker customers

Partnership section

Introducing broker

Forex Back Office

Your staff

Forex admin back office



Broker customers

All the necessary tools for managing investments

  • Register and pass KYC verification in a couple of clicks
  • View the full history of deposits and withdrawals on one page
  • Deposit and withdraw funds using over 30 payment methods
  • Open accounts and set their leverage, currency, and type of order execution
  • Enter the trading terminal directly from the trader's room without any additional authorisation

Partnership section

Introducing broker

  • In-depth reporting system
  • All partner rewards for each particular trade
  • Automated reward calculation and payout
  • Client trading activity and personal data
  • Customisable IB programs and payout conditions
  • IB rewards customisable for each trading symbol

Forex Back Office

Your staff

All the necessary features for effective communication and customisable workflow settings

  • View deposit and withdrawal requests
  • Approve withdrawal requests and verify documents
  • See the full history of operations: open accounts, uploaded documents, and trading activity
  • Notify clients about new products and services, provide market analysis
  • Run marketing promotions, set up personalised offers

Forex admin back office


Several configuration options and ready-to-use business processes for your Forex brokerage company

  • Enable Payment System APIs
  • Set up account types and trading platform integrations
  • Manage their staff, implement Introducing Broker rewards

Terms and definitions

Investment account

Investor’s indicative account. Investors cannot place trades here, but they can see the trading history and track the profitability.

Master account

Investors transfer their funds to this account. This account is used by the manager for trading.


(Multi Account Management)

In this solution, the trader operates in the accounts of several clients at once. Investors transfer their funds to the managers' accounts. Each client has an account to track their contribution to the common trades.

MT5/ MT4 PAMM Module

(Percentage Allocation Management Module)

Similar to MAM, but the history of trades is not available to investors.

Copy trading/social trading

An automated process of copying trades to the accounts of investors. Funds remain in the investment accounts, and the trades are also placed there.


A client who opened an investment account and invested funds in a manager’s strategy without placing any trades themselves.

Trading strategy

A set of trading commands provided by the trader and applied to the investor funds. Strategies have names and the history of profitability.

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