UpTrader Has Added New Settings in Affiliate Commission Calculation: Considering the Duration of Open Positions


We are excited to introduce an update in the commission calculation system for all our clients and partnership programs.
Now, you have the flexibility to set the minimum duration a trading position must remain open to be considered in affiliate commission plans based on trading volume. This time can be set individually for each partner and must be no less than 1 second.

Please note the following specifics of this setting:
The field accepts only whole numbers. Entering fractional numbers is not allowed.

If a value of "0" is set, the setting is turned off. For all existing clients and partnership programs, the default value is set to "0".
The setting applies to all partnership conditions.

This update aims to offer brokers more flexibility in setting criteria for affiliate commission accrual while ensuring fairness and transparency in calculations.

If you have any questions regarding the new settings, please contact our support team.

Your UpTrader Team

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