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Increase transparency in your Sales Department

Increase transparency in your Sales Department

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Soon, all our clients - forex brokers - will receive an exceptional tool for their sales department management: the Sales Interface within their UpTrader Forex CRM.

The sales department is the heart of your business operations. The speed at which they process requests, the flexibility of tools they use to call and retrieve client history, their ability to flag clients and plan deposits, all contribute to your success. But beyond this, you need to control and manage the process, have transparent analytics, and possess tools to encourage your sales team. Our new Sales Interface within the UpTrader Forex CRM allows you to enjoy all these benefits. Here are some, but not all, of the features you can use.

  • Client Distribution Settings

You can assign clients from different countries and with varying deposit amounts to specific managers or partners, thus enabling personalized service for important clients.

  • Manager Access Settings

Determine if your managers are authorized to provide personal bonuses to clients, approve withdrawals, access partners' reports, and more. You have full control.

  • Sales Department Analysis

Employ charts and dashboards to evaluate the performance of your sales department.

  • Planned Deposits

This tool allows management to gain clear insight and subsequently assess whether business objectives have been met by month's end.

  • Sales Percentages

Inspire your sales team by devising individual incentive programs.

  • Logging

We archive all client history, such as deposit/trade history, communications with the support team, old personal data like phone numbers, emails, addresses, documents, etc.

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Increase transparency in your Sales Department


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