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Forex brokerage marketing: the basics of successful advertising, the main promotion channels


Forex brokerage marketing: the basics of successful advertising, the main promotion channels

Marketing is a set of processes of creating, promoting and delivering a product to customers, as well as managing relationships with them. The concept of marketing includes a very wide range of activities aimed at improving the organization's position in the market. Each company has its own methods, strategies and tools, ranging from competitive analysis to increasing the competitiveness of a product or service. Specific events and channels are determined by the company's marketers in accordance with the goals and objectives.



In this article, we will tell you why marketing support is vital for your brokerage business, whether it be attracting marketing agencies (if you have money for this) or in-house.

One of the key points in the success of your business is attracting new customers and retaining the loyalty of old ones. Due to the growing competition in the Forex trading market, promotion in this area becomes more and more challenging every year. A lot of new brokers appear with very favorable conditions to grab the trader's attention. When working in such a busy market as Forex, it is very important to find your niche and implement the available budget as efficiently as possible to highlight your company against the background of competitors. As a rule, an integrated approach is required to solve this problem.

In terms of broker ads and forex marketing as a whole, we have to speak mainly about internet marketing. So let's focus on it. There are several types of internet marketing.


1. Content marketing 


In a content marketing campaign, you should not only constantly trying to sell your product, but provide your clients with useful and interesting content, be it articles, images or videos. 

Your content should be audience-oriented. Focus on the pain points and needs of your leads. From “how do i get into forex trading” to “how to trade cryptocurrency”.

This way you can show your care about your customers and win them over. Useful and high-quality materials will prove your expertise in the field of trading. Consider starting a company blog on your website to post textual and graphical content as well as different types of analytics. 


2. Contextual advertising and SEO optimization 


After you created a blog and started filling it with high quality content, SEO comes to play. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a set of measures for external and internal website optimization. The main goal is to increase positions in the search engine results for effective, selling queries. 

SEO plays a big role in website promotion, so it is important to include the most popular keywords in the text of the article and adhere to a clear structure and design. By creating a good link structure, you can not only increase organic traffic, but also attract users from third-party resources.

Contextual advertising or PPC (Pay per click) advertising is the display of your ad unit in search results for a specific user request with pay per click. These search results have a small "advertisement" mark most often displayed above the free results. For example, you can buy your company a place in the SERP for the search query “forex rank” and pay per every click on it.

In context targeting, advertising media are controlled on the basis of the website content using linguistic elements. These ads are selected and served by automated systems based on a context of a user's content preferences, which means that the users are highly likely to be interested in a product or service. The most popular advertising platform is Google Ads contextual advertising service.


3. Social media marketing


An interesting point. SMM (Social media marketing) is a way to promote websites and solve other business problems, based on the use of social networks. Statistically, modern people spend over two hours per day on social media, which makes it a great place to put an advertisement in. 

Social media can't be ignored when developing a broker marketing strategy. Networks like Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, Telegram, and YouTube are perfect for promoting your company's website and products. 

The main SMM tools are: blogging on social networks, communication in the comments, monitoring forums and communities, influence marketing (working with bloggers), hidden marketing, direct advertising and viral marketing and optimizing the media space. SMM tools allow you to reach a large number of new users and make them loyal to your brand.


4. Email Marketing


One more way to attract new leads and establish communication with your customers is Email marketing. If your CRM system has email marketing functionality, you can attract new customers with minimal effort. At UpTrader we offer you such a CRM system which makes your dialogue with a client as effective as inexpensive.

Start your communication with clients with simple notifications that we offer you in UpTrader's CRM. Registration, opening an account, replenishment and verification emails would be enough for beginning. Next, create your own email strategy and start putting it into practice.

Thus, we have told you about the main internet promotion channels that are perfect for advertising a brokerage firm. You can use those of them that seem the most effective to you, however, we remind you that the best solution would be an integrated approach, that is, using all the channels. In the next article, we will dwell on the rules of building an effective marketing strategy. Stay with us.

A-book/B-book brokers: what the difference is and how to make a right choice


A-book/B-book brokers: what the difference is and how to make a right choice

Have you ever faced the A-book/B-book forex risk models while choosing a broker for trading? Or maybe you've wondered which of these models to choose for your own brokerage business? What kind of concepts are these? Who is a forex market maker? And how much do forex brokers earn? Let's figure out!

From the trader's point of view, forex trading looks relatively simple: you just need to press the button to open an order and see a confirmation of the transaction on the screen. But how does it work? In order for a trader's deal to be executed, there must be a counterparty in the execution chain: if someone buys an asset, then someone must sell it. 



There are two types of broker operating technologies - A-Book and B-Book models, which differ in the way client orders are brought to the market. Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages. 


A-book model


A-Book model is the business model of a broker where all trader's orders are forwarded directly to the forex liquidity provider, who then redirects them to the interbank market. 

A-Book broker gets commissions for a fixed volume of transactions (usually for 1 lot) or a spread markup. The broker in this scheme is only an intermediary providing financial services. The final counterparty is the traders placing opposite orders in the market, or a liquidity provider. This is the main advantage of the A-Book model - no conflicts of interests. The broker receives its commission irrespective of whether traders earn or lose their money. While perspectively both traders and the broker are interested in the successful trading. The more transactions traders make, the more commission their broker receives.

However, Forex is rarely that simple. A-Book model has its drawbacks both for traders and brokers. The broker needs to sign agreements with a liquidity provider (or with several of them), obtain licenses, provide technical support to bring client orders to the external market. It all costs time and money. Accordingly, the A-Book broker is forced to increase the mark-up to the spread to justify its costs.


B-Book model


The B-Book model is a model, where the broker itself acts as a forex market maker, processing orders in house. In other words, traders' orders aren't displayed anywhere outside the broker's platform. There is no external liquidity pool. Obviously, a conflict of interest arises since the broker takes on not only the role of an intermediary, but also a counterparty. That's why the B-Book model is often wrongly associated with a fraud. In fact, Forex is unpredictable and the B-book model goes with both high profits and big losses. 

The trader's earnings are equal to the broker’s losses. Therefore, dishonest brokers may be interested in setting non-market quotes in the terminal, spying on the set client stops and knocking them down with plugins in the server side of the platform to make the trader lose money. Unfortunately, there are many such “bucket shop” brokerage companies, but we won't dwell on this — we analyze forex brokers, not scammers.

If the broker behaves this way, it signs its own death warrant. Deceived clients won't remain silent and surely destroy the broker's reputation, which is actually a key for successful operating in Forex. It is long-term cooperation that rules the show. 


Hybrid model


To avoid the shortcomings of the A-Book and B-Book schemes, brokers came up with a hybrid model. This is one of the most frequent options among large brokers. Hybrid model means that the broker executes small transactions within its platform, while large transactions can be withdrawn to the liquidity provider and then to the interbank.  

This model is an optimal solution for both brokers and traders, but a tricky one. The main headache for broker is to categorize traders properly. That’s where a special software comes into a play, tracking the amount of a trader’s deposit, the leverage used, the risk level of each transaction, the use or non-use of protective stops. All this data helps the broker to determine which of the 2 models (A-Book or B-Book) to use for executing an order. 


Сomparison of A-Book and B-Book brokers' profitability


Perhaps after reading all the information above, you have a logical question: which broker earns more A-Book or B-Book one? Which model should I personally choose for my business to reduce my brokerage risks? There is no definite answer to this question. It all depends. 

Statistically, the profit of an A-Book broker is less, but more stable. It is well known that 80-95% of traders lose their initial deposit within 6 months, which plays into the hands of the B-book broker. But don't forget about unforeseen circumstances that regularly occur and make B-book brokers suffer huge losses, often for many months in a row. 

We conclude that none of the schemes can be a panacea for losses. You must decide which business model to choose for you, depending on your business plans and strategies. The same goes for traders who choose their broker. Everything is very individual.

Neither A-Book nor B-Book model guarantees a successful business or a profitable trade. These models are just tools for doing business, and your personal benefit depends only on how professional you can use these tools. 

Forex trading provides you with unlimited opportunities for success and financial well-being, if you approach running your business responsibly, acquire patience and use business models that are suitable exact for your purposes. 

Affiliate programs for Forex brokerage: how to start and set up


Affiliate programs for Forex brokerage: how to start and set up

If you have carefully read our step-by-step guide on opening your own brokerage business and have followed the entire algorithm of actions, now you probably already have your own brokerage firm (if not, then close this article, immediately tap the link and read the previous one). If you are still here then it is time for an upgrade of your startup – starting a good affiliate program. 



Affiliates can make $5 000, $10 000, $50 000 and more per month. It depends on a target. If you want to expand your FX brokerage business, increase traffic to your website and find new customers, you surely need to run a kind of partnership program. First, let's have a general look at what types of programs exist. 

The most common are:

1. Affiliate programs, where partners (affiliates) get reward for each client they attract. 

2. Referral programs, where sales come in through referrals, often generated by current customers with the help of coupons or discounts as incentives to bring in new clients.

3. Reseller programs, where the reseller sells products as if they are his own. Client gets services from the reseller and doesn’t deal with the main company at all.

Today we will focus on the first type, namely introducing broker programs, since this is the easiest and the most effective way to attract new customers with minimal costs.


What is an Introducing Broker


An introducing broker (IB) is a person who acts as a middleman between a client and a brokerage firm. Introducing broker looks for new clients and has direct relationships with them, but delegates back office operations to the brokerage in exchange for commissions. IBs in Forex deals with the clients better than the brokerage firm since they are local, and customer service is their primary goal. They not only recruit new customers but help them with onboarding as well as keep them engaged in trading. This kind of partnership is a win-win and risk-free situation for both sides.


How to start an affiliate program


Hopefully, we have convinced you of the necessity and usefulness of introducing broker programs. Now let's take a closer look at how to launch such a program for your business. 


1. Hire managers 


First, you need to hire 1 or more (depends on the size of your firm) affiliate managers to run the program. Don’t underestimate the amount of work they should do as well as the amount of time this work requires. There are quite a lot of procedures you need to go through to make the program work and bring you real profit. 


2. Check your competitors 


Explore multiple partnership models that other brokers use, their working conditions and introducing broker fees. Make sure your commission is average on the market, fair but not overpriced. Good IBs interested in well paying programs, but assess your capabilities realistically.


3. Set up an affiliate management software


When it comes to managing an affiliate program, you have two paths: go with one of the ready made software solutions or build your own. At the very beginning we advise you to choose one of the ready-to-use solutions with basic functionality, since it will be much cheaper and easier. The software must help you scale, but not eat up all the revenue from the affiliates.


4. Recruit affiliates


Probably, the most difficult and time-consuming step. Many brokerage firms have the majority of their sales from only 10-20% of their affiliates. This means that in some ways, recruiting the right IBs is a numbers game. The main problem here is that you can choose partners very carefully, but there is still no guarantee that they will bring you profit. On the other hand, you have nothing to lose in case of a bad choice, since IBs are only paid for each client they attract. You are in a risk-free situation as we already said before.

We offer you 4 strategies to hire introducing brokers:

1. Approach your own customers

2. Reach out to influencers, experts, and educators

3. Find competitors’ affiliates

4. Paid advertising  


5. Affiliate sign-up, onboarding and teaching


After you hire affiliates and agree on working conditions, you need to conduct training for them. No matter if you are hiring experienced IBs or newcomers, you still need to provide them with all the necessary instructions and information about the program and your company as a whole. Tell them about your main corporate values and goals.These people will speak on behalf of your company and should not damage your reputation in any way. Continue to keep in touch with your affiliates after the onboarding period. Good communication is a crucial point in building a successful business strategy, make sure to invest in it.


6. Define the commission structure


Сhoosing the commission structures to pay your IBs is a highly important issue. There are several of them:

1. A percentage of the sale (You pay a percentage of referral purchase amount as commission to the affiliates)

2. A flat fee (IB gets a flat fee for each purchase, regardless of its amount)

3. Recurring commissions (You pay  your affiliates as long as their referral stays a customer)

4. Product credits (You pay your affiliates with product credits. Usually this model works only if your IBs are your own clients)

Take the choice of an introducing broker fees system seriously, to maximize your profit.

This choice should be based on the types of activities and results you want to get from your affiliates.  

You can pay your affiliates automatically through the CRM system. For example, UpTrader CRM support all popular methods of payments, so it would not be a problem.


7. Create affiliate policies


And the last but not the least step is discussing the policies that will  regulate the whole business process and help to protect your company if necessary. Your policies must be transparent and easy to understand to both you and your partners. Of course you all know about Privacy policy or Cookie policy, but there are a lot of other forex ib agreements, that should be covered:

1. Approved and forbidden traffic sources

2. Usage of the company’s materials and trademark 

3. Usage of discount codes

4. Providing clients with accurate information on prices, affiliate tracking etc.

Consistently and carefully following all the steps, you can attract decent partners to your business, thereby expanding it and significantly increasing profits. You have already done a great job of starting your own brokerage firm. Now it's time for your partners to work for you.

How to choose the best Forex CRM for brokerage


How to choose the best Forex CRM for brokerage

Probably all of you are familiar with the abbreviation CRM in the context of the brokerage business or business in whole. What it is and how to choose and use CRM for FX brokerage management, let's find out right now.



What is CRM and how Forex CRM can improve your brokerage business


CRM (Customer relationship management) system is an application software  for managing strategies of interaction with clients. In particular to improve business relationships and service, increase sales, optimize marketing by storing information about customers, establishing and improving business processes and then analyzing the results. Since a CRM system allows you to manage the whole cycle of customer relations, from one single point simply and effectively, it is obviously an important part of every business.

FX brokerage is an extremely competitive and demanding industry. It is essential to be special among numbers of other brokers to catch the clients. Forex CRM is one of the main things that helps brokers to differ themselves from each other. Most of them offer the same trading platforms and almost the same range of services, while speaking about a broker management system, there is a room for creativity. Forex broker CRM can significantly increase the financial success of your brokerage business.

Forex CRM system is an integral part of the FX brokerage management, since it develops strong relationships with your traders. Forex CRM software helps you to get more leads for your business, including the rules of lead management, MT4/MT5 CRM integration, scheduled reports etc.

A Forex CRM provider is a very responsible position because he must perfectly understand the mechanics of the market, functionality of trading platforms, the different partners involved, and the overall situation. Only such a Forex CRM developer can create a Forex CRM solution that would be useful as well as comfortable to use.


Important Forex CRM Features


Here are a few points to pay attention to when choosing the best FOREX CRM solution. This information will be useful for FX brokerage as well as for Forex CRM providers.


1. Multifunctionality and platform independence


CRM for Forex brokers should be, firstly, multifunctional and platform agnostic. The best forex CRM combines data managing, customer interactions and marketing activities. Providing an API will also be a big advantage, since it helps to connect your services and tools with CRM easier. If your Forex CRM system is platform agnostic, you have an opportunity to explore new markets and integrate some additional services without changing a CRM software.


2. Lead and sales management 


Good sales are the core part of the good FX brokerage management. Forex broker CRM must simplify the work of the sales managers and marketing team of your company. All the customer’s buying history, habits, geographic location as well as the whole contact information should be available in one click. Tracking the channels where the leads came from is also an important Forex CRM feature. All this information makes it possible to create an individual customized approach to every customer, that, in turn, has a positive impact on sales.


3. Multi-level partnership management


Dealing with partners and IBs is a complicated and rather tricky process, when it comes to paying managing revenue share or partner commissions. It is difficult to calculate the correct amount if the affiliates are associated with the same set of clients. This process can also be simplified with the help of a CRM system. Ideally, all calculations are automated while all data is shown transparently for each client and fully available in the partner's section. CRM system is a tool to split rebates or payments to your partners correctly. In this case your multi-level partner network brings only benefits to you and your partners. 


4. Customer segmentation tools


After converting leads to sales you surely need to keep your clients loyal to your brand. This is where CRM customer segmentation comes into play. This tool allows you to observe the whole picture of the clients activities as well as manage that data. It is possible to separate and segment customers according to their trading volume, habits, portfolios, profitability or other factors, that in turn helps with compliance management. Your marketing and sales team will thank you for such a reduction of their client retention efforts. 


5. Unified communications tracking


With a suitable CRM system there is no need for managers to switch between 

different applications. All necessary data is available in one place to save time and guarantee timely execution of all tasks, so as to raise productivity. Make sure that the data be it phone calls, chats, PPC or social media campaigns are effectively integrated into your CRM. Moreover, back end admins should also be aware of activities that require their immediate help.


6. Regulation


Verification process is sometimes an uneasy one for clients due to Anti Money Laundering rules and Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements. Forex CRM software should use the regulation technologies to complete this process without extra troubles. Good CRM allows you to see all your clients and their trading activity, control deposits and withdrawals, monitor KYC procedures, and execute your marketing activities. 


7. Reporting capabilities


Forex broker CRM should have the functionality to generate the reports on trading statistics, leads and revenue simply. These insightful reports are a powerful tool for increasing operational efficiency and creating better business strategies.


8. Customization


If you want to look more professional to customers you need to stick to your brand style throughout, including CRM. CRM should be customized according to your identity, for example your logo and color scheme. Company's branding that is familiar to clients makes them more loyal to you. Good customization functionality is also important for integrating into your CRM some specific tools like payment solutions, chat tools, email marketing providers, webinar tools etc.


UpTrader CRM solution


There are 8 features that you must pay attention to when choosing a CRM system for FX brokerage. Having worked in the financial services market for a long time, in UpTrader we do understand all the issues above. That's why we work fast and effectively to help your FX brokerage management develop strong relationships with your clients and employees. We will boost your business just in one day. That is how long it takes to integrate UpTrader CRM with your trading platform. Control your sales, improve your team's communication with traders and partners, keep track of withdrawal requests, and help clients with technical issues with UpTrader CRM

To order a trading platform, website, or CRM, submit a request to [email protected].

From IB to personal business: a step-by-step guide on how to start a Forex brokerage firm. Pros and cons of being a broker.


From IB to personal business: a step-by-step guide on how to start a Forex brokerage firm. Pros and cons of being a broker.

Starting a brokerage firm is widely believed to be expensive and time-consuming. Because of this common misconception, people often choose to become an IB (Introducing Broker) instead of taking a chance and trying their luck at achieving genuine success. We want to dispel your prejudices and give you a step-by-step guide on how to start a forex brokerage firm easily with UpTrader.  



Being an IB and getting about half of a broker’s revenue seems like a great deal: after all, you are only looking for new clients, and the broker is doing all the heavy lifting, like trade execution and payment processing, right? Wrong. 

Have you ever thought about becoming a White Label broker? This article is for those who said yes as well as for those who started searching for White Label broker meaning. You can keep all the profits to yourself just for a small monthly fee. We offer you a White Label of a trading platform bundled with our award-winning CRM and Backoffice system and will help you sort out your other worries like establishing a company and signing up with payment system providers. White Label forex broker cost? Starts from €1,000 per month with UpTrader!

However, do not forget that a bigger income comes with a bigger responsibility. With White Label all the actual customer service is your job: you will need to think through your branding, marketing campaigns and sales strategy. 

Previously, brokerage business required deep technical knowledge – you had to go deep into both trading and IT. However, things have become much simpler in recent years: to start a broker that will be ready to receive customers a couple of weeks later is no longer a dream. IT-services and products can be outsourced, infrastructure can be built in cloud, and what is left to you is only sales process. Too good to be true? But not with UpTrader.  

In 2020 you do not need to have considerable knowledge in brokerage business. Many entrepreneurs coming to UpTrader are far from being experts. And that is absolutely fine for a broker now. There are a lot of white label crypto currencies brokers as well as white label ecn brokers, you can even get a white label trading app. All you need is just follow these 5 important steps. 


  1. Work out your corporate framework 


First you need to register your company. The registration process is quite clear and simple, although it has its pitfalls. 

When it comes to launching new ventures, one of the key points is the choice of jurisdiction of your company. Before settling upon a particular region, you need to consider which jurisdictions offer you the best conditions for doing business.  

The most common choice is offshore. You can have a legal entity registered in, say, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. The main advantages of having offshore companies are no taxation, flexible legislation, and support of foreign businesspeople at all levels. Rather good opportunities for doing business, right? 

However, running an offshore company has its own drawbacks, such as certain difficulties with signing up for bank accounts and payment system providers. To avoid such problems, you can open a company in a regulated jurisdiction (for example Labuan region of Malaysia), it will be much more expensive, but will show clients and business partners that you are a serious company that can be trusted.  

UpTrader provides a full range of legal serices both as a standalone package, and as part of White Label Meta Trader 4 and Meta Trader 5 offerings.


  1. Get a trading platform  


That is an easy one! For sure you are already familiar with MetaTrader, the world's most popular trading platform, used by the vast majority of brokers. MetaTrader's popularity is due to its reliability, comprehensive trading conditions settings, tools for technical analysis and familiarity to traders from all over the world. 

There are two versions of MetaTrader: MT4 and MT5. Both platforms are designed for Forex trading, financial market analysis and use of expert advisors.  

With the help of UpTrader you can buy White Label of any of them. Metatrader 4 white label is the most popular option, because this is the only way for a new company to get this platform, since the new copies are not being sold for quite some time now. 

UpTrader White Label broker trading platform:   

— Provides access to financial markets both from desktop and mobile.  

— Gives a wide range of trading instruments in real time: popular and exotic currency pairs, CFD shares, futures, indices, metals.  

— Provides statistics: analytics, charts, indicators.  

Mt4/Mt5 white label cost.


  1. Connect to a liquidity provider 


Next you need to think about your liquidity provider. What is liquidity and why is it important? A broker’s income is the difference between the spread of their liquidity provider and the end spread for traders. That is why it is important to find a stable liquidity provider with the tightest spreads. It allows you as a broker to hedge your risks.  

There are also brokers who themselves act as the counterparties in trades of their clients without the participation of large market makers. In this case, a broker profits from traders who “blow” their deposits, which sometimes disturbs clients as the broker seems to be interested in their failure. And there is a risk of professional traders bankrupting the broker with large earnings.  

The best of both worlds is a balanced risk management strategy. For example, passing high-volume clients to a bigger liquidity provider, while acting as a market maker for those who trade small volumes. 

Brokers usually combine sources of profit from the trading activity of their clients and rarely work exclusively with one model. On the average, a small broker deals with a monthly volume of about $100 million. 

You can choose your own liquidity aggregation model with UpTrader.  


  1. Setup an online Backoffice and CRM 


It can be said that the key component of a successful modern brokerage business is an online Back Office system that allows clients to manage their accounts and funds, and brokers to work with their clients. It helps brokers manage the entire client relationship life cycle in one place. 

While choosing a trading platform might be easy – after all, there are not so many options to choose from – picking a Back Office and CRM system might be tricky: there are a lot of options on the market. But they are not created equal. 

A common mistake is to try to use a general-purpose CRM system. These CRMs are not really fit for brokerage companies – after all, managing goods in warehouses and their logistics is quite different from managing trading accounts. 

Then there is a variety of brokerage CRM systems on the market, but most of them were built by brokerage companies for themselves and the decision to sell them to other companies was an afterthought. This makes these CRMs really suited to only one way of doing business, customization options are lacking, and every slight change requires expensive development projects. Setup time for such CRMs may take several months. 

Thankfully, there is a new wave of modern brokerage SaaS CRMs such as UpTrader CRM. These white label broker trading software ​​​​​​ were built with startups in mind, they include all the necessary options out of the box and can be launched in a matter of days. For example, some of our clients went from signing of an agreement to live operation in just 24 hours.

UpTrader CRM is our flagship product that we are truly proud of. It includes a Trader's Room where a client can register and manage their own accounts and funds, an IB section for your Introducing Brokers, a Back Office panel for the staff of the company, a special section for your Sales team, and an Administrator’s panel with flexible customization of access levels and available features for staff and customers. 

UpTrader CRM helps to manage your Introducing Brokers, marketing promotions, bonuses and see all your clients and their trading results right in one place, while IB programs can be easily integrated into your brokerage website. 


  1. Create a website   


Of course, for the good brokerage business, it is necessary to create a functional website. Nowadays you can easily do it yourself or seek professional help. UpTrader has a professional team that can create a fully functional website for your company. Our services include branding, copywriting, design, and web development. Websites we build are fully integrated with our products.  

That is all! Only these five steps separate you from becoming white label forex broker. 10 years of successful experience in Forex industry make UpTrader a trustworthy partner to help you build a new business of your own. 

Contact us at https://uptrader.io/  

The whole industry already went online


The whole industry already went online

UpTrader participated in the conference and expo Virtual Vision Finance. Conducted completely online, the event’s format was perhaps unconventional. Or maybe it’s to become the convention? What happened to business processes of global companies who provide financial services to individuals and b2b fintech firms because of the COVID-19 pandemic? 

UpTrader CEO Vasily Alexeev:

“I won’t concentrate on the obvious, but let’s summarize the main points: more new clients coming in, increased trading volume. People are staying at home, they have nothing to do (in a broad sense), some are looking for new sources of income, some want thrilling experiences. Moving further. Visiting banks and other financial organizations is limited. As lockdowns are lifted, new habits can seriously impact the pre-COVID workflows. Here we have increased volume of payments in alternative finance, firstly it’s cryptocurrency, KYC services also gain in significance. We believe that all this calls for changes in regulation. The pandemic has directly fostered the growth of experience economy. Its primary features are engagement, service, entertainment.

In view of this, participants of panel discussion several times brought up a challenge faced by Forex industry—gambling sector. The latter’s product is more engaging & entertaining, has fewer intellectual barriers for new players, and adapts to new trends much quicker. Another response to the pandemic is the ‘antiviral marketing’. Thousands of marketing professionals across the world rushed to capitalize on the topic of virus and the quarantine. However, it’s gradually becoming a faux pas to exploit the pandemic, and experts even introduced new terms: ‘COVID marketing fatigue’ and ‘COVID burnout’. People really do suffer from emotional burnout, tired of constantly being reminded of the disease and the restrictive measures, so it’s clear they should be given a break.

Finally, the general logistic insight. Entrepreneurs all over the world suddenly saw that it’s not necessary to fly and spend money on trips to have productive communication with partners. People engaged in Forex industry, much like those in IT, by definition more open to remote work, find in it the same challenges as people working in other sectors do. Difficulties in communication with coworkers when solving current tasks, lack of informal communication, blurred lines between work and private life. We see how the coronavirus pandemic forces almost every worker and employer to reassess the basics of how their activity is organized. We live in a new world, with new formats, and the pandemic merely served as a catalyst for change in business processes and people’s minds.”

Learn how two launch a forex broker in two weeks


Learn how two launch a forex broker in two weeks

Don't miss your chance to learn how to launch a forex broker from scratch just in two weeks!

UpTrader hosts a live webinar on 3 July 2020 at 10:00 GMT. All participants will get a ready-to-use plan to start a forex company at minimum investment.

Register for the webinar here.  

New slogan to celebrate the 10th anniversary of UpTrader


New slogan to celebrate the 10th anniversary of UpTrader

UpTrader presents a new slogan “Change Up!” to celebrate its 10th anniversary that fits the stage of steadfast development the company is on right now.

“UpTrader continues to change for the better. Recently we have released the completely new visual and navigational design of the site, it’s now easier to examine the capabilities of our products and make important business decisions,” said the CEO of the company, Vasily Alexeev. “In the year of the company’s 10th anniversary, we can proudly say that we provide services for clients in 190 countries across the world, something that seemed like a distant goal only a few years ago. We continue to gain pace, not only in new markets, but also in regard to better product solutions, and our new slogan ‘Change Up!’ is perfect for our current stage of development as a company.”

Alexeev highlighted that there are plenty of brokerage software solutions offered on the market, but to make the right choice it’s important to pay attention to several key aspects that will become the foundation of stable business growth.

“I’d say they are three: ready-to-use software tested by dozens of companies, history, and expertise of the software provider, as well as the ease of integration into your business,” says Alexeev. “We can be proud of all three. For ten years now the company has been providing IT infrastructure for all areas and all operating cycles of brokerage business. Setup and launch of our products take only a few days. More detailed information and all our current offers can be found on the new website. We’re always happy to help!”

UpTrader is an international fintech service provider for companies operating in different areas of the financial market, founded in 2010 by a team of financial technology experts from Russia. The company is working in the B2B segment.

The main products provided by UpTrader are the services for the creation of a brokerage company from scratch, a trading ecosystem that includes websites, mobile apps, CRM, client interfaces, trading platforms, affiliation systems, a full range of cryptocurrency services.

UpTrader integrates RAMM into trader interface


UpTrader integrates RAMM into trader interface

Copy trading platform RAMM is now available in UpTrader’s personal area. The easy-to-use service with accurate order execution will allow attracting up to 40% more new clients.

UpTrader, a developer of solutions for Forex brokers, has expanded the functionality of its trader interface with a new addition: the copy trading platform RAMM (Risk Allocation Management Model) by RAMM.TECH.

Thanks to the seamless integration of RAMM into UpTrader CRM interface, a broker’s clients of all levels now have access to a stable service with extensive earning opportunities and a robust risk management system.

Other tools that allow users to copy trades are significantly inferior in terms of the flexibility of personal settings, risk management, and the transparency of the whole process. Moreover, many similar services don’t allow users to stop the copying instantly, even if they see that they are losing money. In some cases, there’s a fine for premature disconnection.

Compared to services with such limitations, RAMM is a sophisticated system that allows investors to assess and fully control the level of risk, while preserving the high effectiveness of investments. To curb the risk, users can set acceptable loss levels. This ensures the security of funds on the account, since the investor essentially determines the level of capital protection, and the process stops immediately when the preset limits are reached.

Unlike other copy trading systems, RAMM is an independent platform that guarantees 100% accuracy of copying. This prevents slippage, requotes, missing instruments, or temporal difference in trading sessions.

In the trader’s interface in UpTrader CRM, users can create a RAMM account and jump instantly to investing in the most high-performing trading strategies, or share their own investment portfolio with other traders. Strategy authors can set profit and turnover fees for investors.

User interface provides charts to examine the performance of a trader. It’s possible to invest in several using one account, with different stop loss and take profit orders for each one. This means that even if something goes wrong for the strategy’s author, the investors will be able to protect their funds up to a certain degree.

Managers can see the history of deposits and withdrawals on RAMM accounts in the back office, just like with other account types.

The integration of this user-friendly and functional platform will make attracting newcomers and professional traders who want to share their strategies easier for brokers. Even if a broker doesn’t have many professional traders, they can always add the pool of strategies from the clients of other brokers provided by RAMM. This works both ways: RAMM makes getting new clients cheaper and stimulates the existing ones to trade more actively.

About UpTrader CRM

UpTrader CRM is a software solution for efficient management of a Forex business. It includes three interconnected interfaces: admin panel for the owner, back office for managers, and client interface for traders and partners.

Setup and launch of UpTrader CRM for any broker take only a few days. UpTrader support team will remain in touch with the broker throughout the entire lifetime of the software to resolve any issues should they arise. To order a trading platform, website, or CRM, submit a request to [email protected].


IB or not IB? UpTrader CCO Sergey Vostrikov will talk it out on the Virtual Vision Finance


IB or not IB? UpTrader CCO Sergey Vostrikov will talk it out on the Virtual Vision Finance

A frequent participant of iFX Expo, UpTrader will appear at the online event Virtual Vision Finance. The company will be represented by CCO Sergey Vostrikov who will speak about the difficulties that IB partners face when starting their own Forex broker.

We invite all visitors to the workshop “IB or not IB?” by our CCO Sergey Vostrikov. He will speak about the difficulties and barriers that IB partners face when starting their own Forex broker.

“Many IB partners, who have been working with forex companies for a long time, think of launching their own broker. It is not surprising as they already have a developed customer base and a well-built marketing infrastructure. Of course, it is a strong advantage over those who tries to enter the business from scratch. Nonetheless, IB partners face unknown variables and essential investments needed. Is the juice worth the squeeze? After watching the workshop, everyone will be able to answer this question on their own.”

The organizers of the annual fintech exhibition iFX Expo have adjusted to the new reality imposed by the pandemic. During the lockdown, the events will be temporarily held online. The nearest Virtual Vision Finance will take place on June 10th, 2020. This unique event will bring together the leaders of finance and fintech industries from across the world.

UpTrader team will actively participate in Virtual Vision Finance. Visitors of UpTrader’s virtual booth will be able to speak with us via voice or video call. Everyone interested will be able to download the additional information on UpTrader products. We will provide an in-depth presentation of UpTrader’s CRM for brokers, copy trading service RAMM, and other solutions capable of boosting any Forex business.

If you plan on visiting the event, schedule a meeting with our team in a convenient time:

UpTrader CEO Vasily Alexeev: https://www.linkedin.com/in/vasily-alexeev/

UpTrader CCO Sergey Vostrikov: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sergey-vostrikov-6a7b1129/

Business development manager Taylor Bingwa: https://www.linkedin.com/in/taylorbingwa/

Sales manager Vitaly Lysyuk: https://www.linkedin.com/in/vitaliilysiuk/





Redesign of UpTrader website


Redesign of UpTrader website

We are happy to share some great news with you: UpTrader just launched a new website with new updated design and navigation. Finding the needed products and choosing the right solution for your Forex business has become a much more streamlined experience.

UpTrader continues to change for the better! With the completely new visual and navigational design, it’s now easier to examine the capabilities of our products and make important business decisions.

Every product and service provided by UpTrader now has a specific page dedicated to it. For example, all our White Label solutions are described in greater detail on the new website: UpTrader CRM, MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, web-based Forex terminal. Users are also welcome to visit the pages on legal services, liquidity, and custom development.

Find even more detailed information on a product in downloadable presentations, or speak with our professionals directly after filling out the feedback form.

The news section will keep you informed on all updates of the existing products and the launch of new ones. Meet our team in person at industry expos and conferences: keep track of our activity on the Events page.

Learn more about UpTrader in the special section: our company’s life in numbers, our history and achievements.

We hope that the new design will please your eye, and the search for the needed information will take no more than 30 seconds.


Improving for you,



UpTrader CRM now has 5 new bonus programs for traders


UpTrader CRM now has 5 new bonus programs for traders

Engage your clients to trade more effectively: UpTrader launches a new bonus system with five different bonus programs and a variety of flexible settings for each of them. The new features will allow brokers to select and reach any segment of the audience.

It is commonly known that bonuses encourage trading activity and deposits. That’s why every broker wants to attract, lure in and keep new clients by offering bonus funds for initial trading.

UpTrader team has released an important update that brings variety to bonus programs. The new system consists of five bonus programs with a customizable bonus amount, lifetime, the rate at which the bonus funds are transferred into a client’s property, and other parameters. Here are the new bonus programs: Welcome Bonus for new clients, Deposit Bonus, Compensation Bonus, Monthly Bonus, Manual Bonus. All specifications of the bonus programs are available in the back-office interface.

Welcome Bonus

Welcome Bonus is a basic program that is activated when a new client creates its first account. The amount of granted funds is determined by the broker. Using the back-office, a broker’s employee sets the lifetime of the bonus in days, as well as the period of time during which a client can claim the bonus after the registration (provided all the requirements set by the broker are met).

Deposit Bonus

This program is designed to encourage clients to make a deposit and start trading. The amount of bonus funds is a percentage of the deposited sum, determined by the broker.

Compensation Bonus

Through UpTrader CRM, traders can deposit funds using payment services that charge fees for a transfer of funds to the broker. This bonus is designed to compensate deposit fees. Clients will receive bonus funds that completely or partially cover the payment service fee.

Monthly Bonus

Brokers can also encourage clients to keep larger amounts of funds on their accounts by offering interest on free balance. The system daily checks the amount of free balance and grants a particular percentage as an annual bonus. The percentage is set by the broker in the admin panel. The bonus is available for trading and can be transferred into a client’s property and withdrawn after they meet the trading volume requirement. Brokers also can set more specific requirements in the admin panel.

Manual Bonus

This bonus is designed to maximize the effectiveness of client interaction. Using Manual Bonus, a sales manager can set all terms and conditions manually and create a new bonus for their clients. In back-office, a broker’s employee can set the bonus amount, trading volume requirements in USD per lot and the lifetime.

Create your own bonus programs on your own conditions with UpTrader!

Request a demo-version of UpTrader CRM


UpTrader 2019 Progress Report or The Checklist for 2020: Definitive Kit of a Forex broker


UpTrader 2019 Progress Report or The Checklist for 2020: Definitive Kit of a Forex broker

Today, financial technology is moving forward at an exponential rate. In the highly competitive environment of Forex, it’s vitally important to follow the trends and promptly adopt new technology as it appears. The end of the year is a good time to make sure you’re up to date with the latest tools that can make your company stand out among competitors and bring as many new clients as possible.

In 2019, we completely updated UpTrader’s product line. As we approach the new decade, take a look at a set of innovations developed by UpTrader that can fundamentally transform a brokerage business and put it above the competitors. Do you have the definitive kit of a modern Forex broker in 2020?

Your entire business in one platform: UpTrader CRM 2.0

We know how important it is for brokers to see the big picture regarding both clients and partners. Thanks to the 2019 upgrades, our brokers can control the conditions of multilevel partner networks and see client trading analytics. The platform is easy to use and encompasses all business processes, it includes three interfaces: client area, back office and admin panel. Early next year, the ecosystem will be expanded by a mobile app for account management and trading.

Bringing liquidity to a new level with AMTS solutions

The quality of liquidity you provide may account for half of your success. In 2019, UpTrader struck a partnership with AMTS Solutions, and now our brokers can enjoy the aggregation of liquidity from an unlimited number of providers. This brings order execution to a new level and allows for a more flexible risk management system. A perfect choice for those who look for a high-quality flow with tight spreads and better order execution.

RAMM: bring all kinds of traders together

Business growth requires a constant influx of new clients while attracting traders and investors can be very difficult without a copy trading service. Make trading easier for beginners and encourage professionals to trade more actively with a new-generation copy trading system RAMM (Risk Allocation & Money Management) by RAMM.TECH. Unlike similar services, it doesn’t put any load on the trading platform server and ensures the high accuracy of copying.

Starting a brokerage firm is now even easier

The year 2020 promises to be a year of customization and turnkey branding. However, it’s still possible to get many advantages of classic trading platforms in a simpler package to meet a modest budget. Earlier this year, we upgraded UpTrader’s web terminal that is already in use by several large brokers. The new software allows launching a full-fledged broker just in a few days.

What’s in store for brokers in 2020?

The year ahead doesn’t promise to be any less interesting or intense. We’re looking forward to continue developing the ecosystem of UpTrader CRM.

The CRM system will be expanded to include such features as voice over IP, an enhanced section for sales departments, and a new email delivery system.

Clients will be able to access their accounts in a new mobile app.

Follow us on Facebook and Medium and be the first to learn about our latest updates. Build your business together with us at the forefront of the industry!

Kind regards,
Vasily Alexeev, UpTrader CEO

UpTrader launches a flexible management system for partnership programs


UpTrader launches a flexible management system for partnership programs


UpTrader introduces a set of updates to CRM, allowing for automated and in-depth work with partners. Brokers can now configure conditions individually for each partner, while partners will receive detailed reports on all payouts.

The team of UpTrader has enhanced the back office and the admin cabinet with a possibility to see the relationship between partners and clients (the feature shows whose client someone is). Partner links are generated automatically.

All new features added to CRM are designed to help partners and brokers choose the optimal plan for each individual case.

Flexible payout settings for different instruments

This feature will be especially useful to brokers who offer a large number of trading instruments. Now, a separate partner payout plan can be implemented for each category of instruments, or a separate plan for each partner: for example, a fixed commission for the volume or a percentage of the spread.

Let’s look at an example:

A broker offers a wide selection of trading instruments: currency pairs, stock and energy CFDs. A reasonable commission for popular pairs with tight spreads (e.g. EUR/USD) would be a fixed $10 per lot so that the partners can easily recognize the advantage. The broker sets up this plan for the category of major currency pairs. At the same time, exotic pairs have large spreads that strongly vary from instrument to instrument, so the broker sets the commission at 30% of the spread for each individual trade. And as for CFDs, this value maybe 50% of the commission.

Multilevel partnership

Another addition to CRM is the new multilevel partnership program with an unlimited number of levels. Partners can now create networks of any depth, while brokers set reward conditions for each level individually. Partners can follow the growth of their network in the personal area and keep track of the clients of their sub-partners.

For example, a broker wants to create a multilevel referral network and reward partners for high performance and creation of their own networks by setting up rewards for every new level. The broker creates a three-level partnership network and set the following reward plan: the broker’s partners get 10% of the rewards of their first-level sub-partners and 7% of their second-level sub-partners’ rewards.

Partners have access to flexible settings of spread for their clients

Spread increase is very relevant to partners of brokers whose main income is based on commissions. The same plan is also useful to money managers who receive clients’ funds for management and earn from the spreads and commissions for the trades.
The brokers themselves can use CRM to cap the possible increase of service prices by their partners or disable this feature completely.

For example, with the broker’s consent, a partner sets up an extra commission in UpTrader CRM and larger spreads for their clients, while profit goes directly to the partner. If each party is satisfied with the commission, the partner continues the active operation, attracting more clients for the broker and ramping up the trading volumes. This scenario is favorable to each party: the broker gets large volumes, the partner—high commissions, the client—profitable trades.

About Uptrader CRM

Over 10 years of experience with various brokerage CRM systems enabled the experts at UpTrader to analyze the best solutions out there and implement them together.

UpTrader СRМ was developed specifically for brokerage firms taking into account the specifics of online retail services in Forex. The new CRM is designed to speed up the task solving process and make the learning curve less steep for the staff. UpTrader CRM includes the trader’s area, back office (interface for the company’s employees), admin cabinet with flexible access settings for the manager, additional functionality for the staff and clients.

UpTrader has resolved the core issues for traders and brokers that arose from other business solutions. However, the team doesn’t intend to stop here and rolls out regular updates, enhancing the system, each time expanding the systems with new features and capabilities.

See the presentation to learn about all the capabilities of UpTrader CRM.

UpTrader CEO Vasily Alexeev on cryptocurrency ban in Russia


UpTrader CEO Vasily Alexeev on cryptocurrency ban in Russia

Central Bank of Russia and state financial watchdog Rosfinmonitoring are preparing an initiative to ban cryptocurrencies as a means of payment in Russia. In a conversation with Deventer.org, Uptrader CEO Vasily Alexeev talked about the possible ramifications of the new legislation for fintech companies and cryptocurrency holders.

If the matter goes beyond words, this bill may join the list of other legislative initiatives of recent years that are strict, yet technically unfeasible.

Currently, all cryptocurrency transactions are already conducted in the informal economy: they cannot possibly be taxed since Russian law doesn’t recognize cryptocurrency as an asset. Moreover, it’s fundamentally impossible to learn who, when, and what for made a payment in Bitcoin, not to mention who owns what wallet.

It’s important to understand that to create a cryptocurrency wallet, it’s enough to generate 12 random words using special software. Access details to such a wallet exist only in your head, and no one can prove that you have them, while you still can receive funds and, if necessary, send them using these 12 words.

Right now, Russian companies operating within the legal framework that accept cryptocurrency do it through foreign intermediaries who receive cryptocurrency on their wallets and sent fiat money to the companies. In all likelihood, this arrangement will remain legal.

And even if the bill is worded in such a way as to ban this, it would hardly be a devastating blow for these companies, since in this case, they lose only a small fraction of their payments. Companies that cannot operate legally are a different matter: for instance, online casinos, or pirated content websites. Cryptocurrency payments may make up a substantial part of their income. However, they already have nothing to lose: breaking one more law won’t change anything.

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UpTrader will attend London Finance Magnates Summit


UpTrader will attend London Finance Magnates Summit

The Vasily Alexeev of UpTrader will take part in the Finance Magnates Summit in London, which will take place on 12-13 November. 

In the capital of the forex industry - London - 70 the market leaders and professionals at finance will gather to share their vision and experience. Vasily Alexeev will be among the experts at the conference. During the summit, they will introduce both new products for forex business and already known in the market software for brokers by UpTrader. 

UpTrader is a regular participant in the Finance Magnates events. For the company this is a great opportunity to liaise with new clients and potential partners, to tell colleagues from the world of finance about the achievements and last developments of the company. 

Being the largest in capital markets, and trading, Finance Magnates events boast thousands of attendees, hundreds of exhibitors and dozens of top executive speakers.

UpTrader helps clients to manage brokerage business and empower trading and investing profits by providing the best in class fintech solutions.

Which UpTrader technologies have become bestsellers at BlockChainLife2019?


Which UpTrader technologies have become bestsellers at BlockChainLife2019?

The Serenity blockchain project successfully presented an ecosystem of unique services based on UpTrader products for Forex brokers, blockchain startups and traders at BlockchainLife2019 in Moscow.

The Serenity team, whose founder and technology provider was UpTrader, presented the ecosystem of services on 16-17 of October at the largest event in the crypto industry this year in Europe — BlockchainLife2019 in Moscow. For two days, the exhibition was visited by more than 4800 representatives of blockchain, mining, and cryptocurrency. 

Serenity presented at the exhibition a crypto exchange, blockchain escrow, a margin trading platform and a crypto exchanger that supports transfers from Bank cards. All these services are based on UpTrader products, which any business can purchase as a White Label. 

The most vivid interest among the participants of the exhibition was caused by the new exchanger SerenityPay, which can work both in conjunction with the exchange for traders and separately. 

"It is extremely important for us that any client had an opportunity for deposing on the crypto exchange and on the margin trading platform with a simple Fiat card," commented Anton Vasin, CBDO Serenity.

Also, the margin trading platform aroused great interest among crypto brokers and exchanges. Especially for the management of margin accounts of traders, UpTrader has developed a convenient personal account, which is ready to use and easily configured for the needs of any broker.

In the words of the CEO of UpTrader Vasily Alexeev, in recent years, blockchain has an increasing impact on financial markets. Alexeev attributes this by the fact that blockchain technology provides reliability and irreversibility of transactions. He noted that smart contracts automate processes that have traditionally been done manually: so, now even the most conservative banks have begun to introduce the replacement of letters of credit with smart contracts.

UpTrader IT solutions are products for Forex brokers, crypto traders, and fintech startups. UpTrader offers software solutions and services to create, maintain and improve business infrastructure, attract customers and optimize brokerage and exchange operations. The Serenity project regularly integrates the UpTrader team's developments into its growing ecosystem. 

Want to come on board like Serenity? Contact us!

UpTrader CRM Has Added a New Visual Report System


UpTrader CRM Has Added a New Visual Report System

UpTrader CRM now graphically visualizes all the stats needed for brokers and partners. 

The UpTrader team has recently integrated a new informative visual analytics page. The new dashboard provides structured information on the number of registrations, opened accounts, withdrawals and deposits using colorful charts.



The analytics page is available for brokers and its staff in the back office interface, as well as for partners. Partners and brokers alike will be able to set monthly goals and monitor their implementation. Graphics show clients’ achievements within a chosen time frame.    



The client interface now has a new detailed section for partners. The latest updates bring extensive statistics for partners on their clients’ activity. 


This visual report system allows both brokers and partners to set clear objectives for their sales team to attract customers, monitor their activity and results. 

About UpTrader CRM 

UpTrader’s 10 years experience in working with different CRMs on Forex market has allowed to analyze the most effective solutions and put them into practice.

Vasily Alexeev, CEO UpTrader

CRMs that we used to work with were visually unattractive and had poorly designed interfaces. It was a major obstacle to mastering and effective usage of these programs by brokerage staff. As a result, it affected the speed of task execution, the quality of customer service, and consequently, the company's profit. So we set out to create a CRM that differs from everything we worked with before. It had to be multifunctional, reliable and helpful in business. Our efforts bore fruit: our CRM is being used by numerous companies, and we receive positive feedback from them.” 

The new CRM was designed from the ground up specifically for retail Forex brokerage business. It aims to increase the speed of solving simple tasks and make its adoption by employees easier. UpTrader CRM includes a trader's room, a back-office interface for the staff of the company, and an administrator's section with flexible settings of access levels and available features for staff and traders.

Trader’s room

The trader’s room is simple and easy to understand even for novice forex traders. Fast registration and instant verification of a client’s identity rids both customers and brokers’ staff of unpleasant time-consuming routine processes. 

Managing accounts will not become a challenge for a trader due to clarity of the operations’ history. Moreover, for clients’ convenience, a broker is able to integrate a web trading terminal into the personal account and rid customers of having to log in to the terminal every time. 

Customers can read the latest financial markets news and daily technical analysis and monitor trends with the calendar of key economic events in the forex world. 


The back-office interface was created for operational control and management of a company’s business processes. Back-office employees can monitor a client’s activity - view deposits, withdrawal requests, and operations history. 

Information on the partner’s activity is also displayed on a dedicated page, where one can see the number of clients, their activity, partnership rewards, bonuses, and personal data. 

UpTrader developers also provided for and worked out in detail the system of client support. The administrator can monitor the quickness and quality of the support department responses to clients’ requests.

It is possible to integrate CRM into a trading platform in a couple of clicks. A broker can offer its clients to download MT4, MT5 or other trading platforms right in the trader’s room. 

Administrator’s interface 

In the admin interface, a broker can customize CRM and the trader’s room both visually and feature-wise. For instance, it is possible to translate it in any language, assign responsibilities and access levels for employees and make the interface match the corporate identity. The administrator defines settings and services for clients. 

Brokers can integrate news, analytics, and calendar of key events in the financial world. Thanks to the valuable content for traders the system can become not only a platform for managing accounts but a source of information for market analysis. It can stimulate clients to actively get involved in the trading process. In order to draw attention to a product or a special offer, brokers can launch ad campaigns to be displayed on the trader’s room. 

UpTrader solves key problems that universal CRM solutions have, being difficult to adapt to forex brokers’ mission. Moreover, the team is regularly releasing new updates. Follow UpTrader news to learn about the changes, that enrich the system with new features and capabilities. 

Take a more detailed look at UpTrader CRM by downloading the presentation


RAMM copy trading platform is now available to UpTrader clients


RAMM copy trading platform is now available to UpTrader clients

UpTrader launched integration of a new generation copy trading system - RAMM-accounts. The service will help brokers to increase trading volumes by attracting new clients and traders. 

In recent years, copy trading increased dramatically in its popularity among all the participants of Forex community, so for brokerage, such services became their way into the mass audience. However, seeking to satisfy their clients’ inquiries, brokers inevitably deal with deficiencies of the platforms. 


First, brokerage firms integrating popular copy trading services to their platforms face difficulties in attracting traders. A service can stand idle for months while the company negotiates with traders trying to lure them away from rival brokers in order to provide clients with a large choice of strategies. 


Second, heavy plugins for copy trading on MT4 frequently conflict with other applications responsible for the steady work of a server. Thus, the deals duplicating process results in breakdowns of brokerage platforms. 


In addition, brokers often have to develop their own interface and a range of tools for particular investing services, which delays its launch. 


Since July 2019 UpTrader provides a new generation model of investment RAMM (Risk Allocation & Money Management) by IT-company RAMMFX. The developers have successfully overcome the above-mentioned shortcomings of copy trading services. 


Contrary to the competing systems, RAMM allows sharing strategies of traders from other brokerage platforms. A trader just needs to open an account on RAMM service with a minimum balance. His trading performance will be reflected in RAMM as a trading strategy. Thus, a broker is able to fill up a rating with a wide range of strategies in the short term, that will actively stimulate clients to invest.  


The problem of server overloading is solved as RAMM is not a plugin, but a complete trading platform with its own server. It is compatible with any broker whatever trading platform he uses or whether he actually has any. 


RAMM has a ready-to-use advanced interface with all graphs and statistics needed for traders and investors. Setting up RAMM White Label by the UpTrader team takes just around a week. The service can include branding, building risk-hedging schemes, setting trading conditions, changing swaps, commissions, and spreads, as well as other tools according to the individual inquiries. 


RAMM provides accuracy of copying and full control over the process that will attract and retain even the most careful investors. They can leave the strategy at any moment, as well as set the limitation on their losses and targets. They also are able to invest in the limitless number of strategies at once from one account, thereby diversifying their risks.


Netting of trades in RAMM system allows clients to avoid extra fees. At the same time, due to this feature, a broker is able to flexibly customize risk-hedging throughout a company. 


Despite the crucial advantages of the platform, connection and technical support costs are slightly below the market. It can be connected as an external system with a separate account or as a system copying signals from one MT-account to another. Brokers can build an infrastructure around the platform on their own or with the help of the UpTrader team. 


For new players in the market, RAMM is also available in one package with White Label МТ4/МТ5, integration of payment systems, CRM and a liquidity aggregator.

How To Attract New Clients For Brokers?


How To Attract New Clients For Brokers?


The complexity of classic types of trading in Forex often deters beginners. Investment services aim to make the entrance to the game easier. There are plenty of them and they all sound similar: LAMM, LAMM, MAM, RAMM...


But which one is safer and easier for both newcomers and experienced clients of forex brokers? To answer this question, let’s review the main investment services that are in high demand by traders and investors. 

Read more on Medium... 

UpTrader will attend iFX EXPO, Limassol 2019


UpTrader will attend iFX EXPO, Limassol 2019

UpTrader team is looking forward to meeting with FinTech potential business partners on iFX EXPO, Limassol 21–23 of May.

UpTrader will attend iFX EXPO in Limassol on 21st-23rd May as it wants to keep up to date and explore new trends of FinTech industry! Also, it is a great opportunity to strengthen its business globally and arrange new partnerships.

Participation in the largest financial business to business expo in the world is a promising opportunity for UpTrader to connect its innovative software and liquidity solutions with retail FinTech industry, ForEx, banks, affiliates brokers and white label partners.

We would be glad to meet if you are attending the event and discuss meaningful cooperation for your company and optimize each other’s business.

Kindly let us know your availability so we can schedule the meeting.

UpTrader team at iFX EXPO Asia 2019


UpTrader team at iFX EXPO Asia 2019

On January 22nd–24th, UpTrader team attended iFX EXPO ASIA, a major b2b event in Asia that brings together leading financial companies and tech solution providers. The expo is held twice a year in Limassol and Hong Kong. UpTrader is a regular participant of both these events.

At the expo, the company presented its products designed for brokers and cryptocurrency projects: Forex SaaS CRM, White Label for MT4/MT5, ICO/STO Investor Profile, White label for Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform, Forex and Crypto Liquidity, etc.

Vasily Alexeev, UpTrader CEO:

iFX EXPO exhibitions are always a great opportunity to meet all the industry leaders, understand what's trending on the market, and allow us to understand how to improve our products to meet clients' expectations. This year's Hong Kong expo was no exception. We met our long-term partners and clients, as well as getting to know new people, and had a lot of really productive conversations”.

Expo attendees had the opportunity to visit the UpTrader booth and meet the team of our managers. Aside from the activities in our booth, several meetings with partner companies were held.

Along with UpTrader, other major Forex and IT market players took part in iFX EXPO Asia 2019: eToro, Swissquote Bank, MetaQuotes, Currenex and others.

This year, visitors’ attention was focused on UpTrader’s online trading solutions: CRM, White Label for trading platforms and others. For comparison, in 2017–2018, ICO and cryptoexchange products were in higher demand.


UpTrader team to attend iFX expo Asia 2019 in Hong Kong


UpTrader team to attend iFX expo Asia 2019 in Hong Kong

Representatives of UpTrader will attend iFX expo Asia 2019 in Hong Kong. The first and largest financial business to business expo in the world opens annually since May 2012 and connects over 3 500 attendees with more than 1 500 exhibitors. The main goal of the event is to deliver the highest quality expo within industry and to provide insights from some of the industry's leading specialists.

The largest financial B2B expo will take place on January 22-24 2019 in Hong Kong Convention Centre 1 Expo Dr, Wan Chai. You can find us in Booth 27, where UpTrader is going to present our ready-to-use brokerage software and сryptocurrency solutions such as Forex SaaS CRM, White Label for MT4/MT5, ICO/STO Investor Profile, White label for Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform, Forex and Crypto Liquidity, etc.

iFX expo includes numerous crypto and FX workshops and presentations to present all industry innovations and to create a powerful place for networking.

Venue: Hong Kong Convention Centre 1 Expo Dr, Wan Chai, Hong Kong.

Schedule: January 23, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM and January 24, 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM.

Learn more details at iFX Asia website.

See you in Hong Kong!

Merry Christmas from UpTrader team


Merry Christmas from UpTrader team

UpTrader team wishes all our clients, colleagues and partners a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! May all your financial businesses prosper and all solutions that we deliver meet your needs and needs of your clients.

Have joyful holidays and stay tuned for the UpTrader releases and news in a year to come!

UpTrader CEO Vasily Alexeev joins Blockchain Expert Committee at the Financial Commission


UpTrader CEO Vasily Alexeev joins Blockchain Expert Committee at the Financial Commission

We’re pleased to announce that on November 30th, the Financial Commission (an independent Forex regulator) appointed UpTrader CEO Vasily Alexeev to its Blockchain Expert Committee. This body’s main area of activity lies in developing and promoting self-regulation rules for companies that provide digital currency trading services.

The organizers of Blockchain Expert Committee have recognized Vasily’s many years of experience in fintech projects, including as the head of UpTrader. Another important distinction taken into account is Vasily’s valuable input into Serenity’s ICO and the launch of Escrow. As the company’s adviser and, later, CTO, he effectively worked on the tech lead-up to the ICO and the development of Serenity Escrow.

All members of the Blockchain Committee possess deep knowledge of the subject. Alongside Vasily, the Committee includes Ibinex founder Simon Grunfield (development of software for cryptocurrency exchanges), Etheralabs founder Bryan Feinberg (development and implementation of blockchain projects), the founder and CEO of Tools4Brokers Aleksey Kutsenko, Rambler&Co business development director Dmitri Turkevich and others.

UpTrader team to attend BlockShow Asia 2018 and other industry events in Singapore


UpTrader team to attend BlockShow Asia 2018 and other industry events in Singapore

Representatives of UpTrder will attend United Conference of Internet Money (November 26th–27th), The Future of Token Economy (November 30th), as well as a major blockchain-related event BlockShow Asia 2018 in Singapore (November 28th–29th).

The members of UpTrader team will welcome visitors at the company’s booth at BlockShow Asia. Visit it to learn more about our products: CRM, cryprocurrency exchange with features of scaling and liquidity aggregation, ICO software (Ethereum-based smart contracts, ERC20 tokens, payment processing in BTC, ETH, other altcoins and fiat currencies, web design and marketing support).

One of BlockShow Asia’s organizers is an independent crpyptocurrency portal Cointelegraph. The event is expected to host over three thousand visitors from all over the world. BlockShow will include an expo where blockchain companies will hold discussions, meet-ups and workshops.

We’ll be glad to see you on at our booth K1 on November 28th–29th.

Expo address: Marina Bay Sands, 10 Bayfront Ave, Singapore 018956

Schedule: November 28th, 9:00 AM–6:00 PM and November 29th, 11:00 AM–3:30 PM.

UpTrader presented new product line for ICO at iFX Expo Cyprus 2018


UpTrader presented new product line for ICO at iFX Expo Cyprus 2018

From May 22nd to 24th, UpTrader has been participating in iFX Expo Cyprus 2018. The world’s largest financial expo is held annually in Cyprus and Hong Kong.

Here are some of the expo’s results.

Vasily Alexeev, UpTrader CEO:

«At iFX Expo 2018 UpTrader team continued to promote their traditional Forex brokerage services and a new lineup of ICO-related products, including marketing support of ICOs, ERC20 smart-contract creation and token holder's area. UpTrader also unveiled their new Cryptocurrency Exchange White Label product, which will be available for purchase beginning with July 2018».

iFX Expo in numbers

According to the organizer’s estimates, iFX Expo Cyprus 2018 has gathered 1,000 participants and 30,000 visitors.

UpTrader team

Meet UpTrader at iFX Expo Cyprus


Meet UpTrader at iFX Expo Cyprus

From May 23nd to May 24th UpTrader will be participating in iFX Expo Cyprus in Limassol.

At the expo, we will present our most recent offerings, among them is our new cloud-based client management system for brokerages and ICO products.

During all days of the expo, we’ll be looking forward to seeing you at booth #54, where we’ll gladly answer all your questions about our products.

On the 24th of May from 1:15 PM to 1:45 PM, UpTrader CEO Vasily Alexeev and CBDO Denis Kulagin will talk about technical aspects of running a successful ICO.

What is iFX Expo

iFX Expo is the world’s largest b2b expo. It’s been held since 2012. UpTrader regularly takes part in iFX expos. This year’s event has already attracted 170 participants and over 4000 visitors.

Where and when is the expo

Address: Venue: Spyros Kyprianou Centre, Polemidia, Limassol.

Working hours of the exhibition: May 23rd from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM and May 24th from 10:00 AM to 5:30 PM (local time).

Learn more details at iFX Expo Cyprus website.

See you!

UpTrader team

UpTrader at Asia Trading Summit 2018


UpTrader at Asia Trading Summit 2018

On the 22nd and 23rd of March, UpTrader took part in Asia Trading Summit in Shanghai.

Asia Trading Summit is organized by a major finance publication Finance Magnates. According to the host’s estimates, the summit attracted over 5,000 visitors, 70 participants and 20 speakers.

Vasily Alexeev, UpTrader CEO:

“At Asia Trading Summit we presented our latest products, complex solutions for ICO launch. Also, we had the chance to exchange experience with other industry professionals and receive valuable feedback, which we will use to improve our services.”

UpTrader team

UpTrader will present Serenity project at iFX Asia


UpTrader will present Serenity project at iFX Asia

On the 24th and 25th of January UpTrader will be participating in iFX Asia expo in Hong Kong. iFX Asia is the world’s biggest financial b2b expo.

At the expo, we will present our most recent offerings, among them is our new cloud-based client management system for brokerages and cryptocurrency-related products.

Vasily Alexeev, CEO UpTrader will present Serenity project which starts an ICO on January 25th. Serenity is the first escrow blockchain-based platform for financial and cryptocurrency markets. UpTrader provides all software for the project: website, smart-contract, token holder’s account system and a prototype version of the platform.

We’ll be waiting for you at the booth #20.

Visit our workshop at 12:30 p.m.!

Businesses that are planning to launch an ICO or are interested in this topic will be welcome at the workshop of Vasily Alexeev, CEO UpTrader and Denis Kulagin, CEO Serenity. They will talk about the challenges they came across while launching the ICO and how they solved them.

Working hours of the exhibition: January 24th 10AM–5PM, January 25th 10AM–4PM.

Address: Hong Kong Convention Centre 1 Expo Dr, Wan Chai, Hong Kong.

Learn more details at iFX Asia website.

See you in Hong Kong!

UpTrader team

UpTrader confirms FinaCom certification


UpTrader confirms FinaCom certification

On December 4th, 2017, UpTrader and FinaCom decided to prolong their partnership for one more year. UpTrader became a member of FinaCom, a dispute resolution commission on Forex and a technology certification expert, in March 2017.

What is FinaCom

FinaCom, or Financial Commission, is an independent international dispute resolution committee dedicated to Forex market. FinaCom investigates the claims of traders and brokers and acts as a neutral party in disputes. Also, FinaCom certifies technology providers, educational services and ICO projects.

Why it’s important for us and our clients

Financial Commission unites technology providers that make the quality of their services their top priority and are always open to dialogue with clients. By joining Financial Commission a company confirms that it is ready to uphold the accepted standards.

FinaCom certification procedure includes a complex technology analysis, which is focused on order execution on the platform as a matter of priority. The experts evaluate security, execution, performance, emergency recovery system, report system and other properties.

FinaCom membership means that the company provides reliable technology that meets the highest standards.

Come to Finance Magnates London Summit on the 15th of November


Come to Finance Magnates London Summit on the 15th of November

On the 15th of November, UpTrader team will participate in Finance Magnates London Summit ‘17. At the expo, we’ll present our latest developments.

The event will gather more than 2000 financial industry players: brokers, developers, banks, hedge funds and start-ups.

Our team will be receiving guests at the booth №2.

Expo address: 1 Old Billingsgate Walk, London.

The expo is open from 9:00 AM to 6:15 PM. Learn the details on the Finance Magnates London Summit website.

We look forward to seeing you in London!

UpTrader received Best Financial Software Provider 2017 award


UpTrader received Best Financial Software Provider 2017 award

On the 8th of September UpTrader, together with our friends from Grand Capital, participated in Finance Industry Expo in Xi'an, one of China's largest financial expos. During the expo's award ceremony, UpTrader received Best Financial Software Provider 2017 award.

Vasily Alexeev, UpTrader СЕО:

"A lot of our clients are from China, we developed all technology modules for them and integrated them with their own systems. We were invited to participate in this forum and to be honest our team was excited to receive the award for the best financial software provider. We intend to maintain our quality bar of our products and hope to engage in new interesting collaborations with our Chinese partners."

Denis Kulagin was representing UpTrader at the expo's forum, in his speech he addressed the topic of modern IT in the financial sphere.

We'll be going to more expos soon, follow our news!


UpTrader at iFX Expo International 2017


UpTrader at iFX Expo International 2017

On the 24-25th of May, Limassol Palais des Sports welcomed exhibitors and attendees of the 11th iFX Expo, one of the major events of the financial industry. 2017 is the 6th consecutive year for the biannual business to business event that is traditionally held in Hong Kong and Cyprus.

Each year the event attracts industry professionals, including representatives of Forex and Binary Options brokers, liquidity providers, payment systems and software developers. This year became the third one for UpTrader to exhibit at the iFX expo and the second consecutive year to come to the Cyprus event.

Vasily Alexeev, CEO UpTrader:

“Cyprus iFX Expo is undoubtedly the central yearly event for the Forex industry, and we were pleased to attend it once again. This year’s Expo was even more prolific than in 2016, there were even more attendees and exhibitors, and it’s no surprise that we’ve had a lot of very productive meetings. For us it’s vital to take part in such events, since we always need to be sure that we are on the same page with the market, we need to know what’s going on in the industry in general. This enables us to provide our clients with state-of-the-art products which are in line with the current trends and tendencies.”

This year iFX International was attended by nearly 3000 industry professionals.107 companies exhibited their products and services.

Come to iFX Expo Cyprus on the 24th and 25th of March


Come to iFX Expo Cyprus on the 24th and 25th of March

iFX Expo will take place in Limassol, Cyprus on the 24th and 25th of March. UpTrader will participate in the expo as an exhibitor and will showcase all the company’s development. Currently the product line is expanded by the new developments for brokerage companies that use MT5 platform.

Vasily Alexeev, UpTrader CEO:

«Currently our company offers turnkey products for MT4 and MT5 brokers. It’s Member’s Area, CRM, Binary Options, integration with more than 30 payment systems, automated partnership and marketing programs. In addition, we provide custom-made products for startup brokers and those already on the market».

Come and visit UpTrader’s booth #23 to learn more about the company’s products and talk to our managers.

Our partners from Grand Capital, an international broker that offers various profitable partnership options, will also participate in the Expo and will be ready to meet new IBs and discuss marketing promotions.

Expo address: Spyros Kyprianou Centre, Polemidia, Limassol 3080, Cyprus. For more detailed information, visit iFX Expo website.

We’ll be happy to see you!

UpTrader certified by FinCom


UpTrader certified by FinCom

March 27, 2017, The Financial Commission, an independent financial services intermediary organization, announced the successful certification of brokerage technology provided by UpTrader.

The Financial Commission established a comprehensive list of points to verify including system security, capacity, business disaster recovery and a continuity plan, as well as reporting and record keeping, among other fields deemed important to certify.

Peter Tatarnikov, the chairman of FinaCom:

«UpTrader’s web solutions for brokerages are the latest technology certified by the Financial Commission. Today we gladly announce successful certification of UpTrader’s brokerage technology and believe it is a great step to leverage its credibility and grow its business globally».

The Financial Commission is an external dispute resolution (EDR) organization in the financial field. In order to help companies provide quality services for traders, FinaCom conducts certification of trading platforms and technology products.

UpTrader at iFX Expo Asia 2017


UpTrader at iFX Expo Asia 2017

UpTrader at iFX Expo Asia 2017

UpTrader participated in iFX Expo in Hong Kong on the 22th and 23th of February.

The expo attracted 2700 visitors from 70 countries and nearly 80 participating companies: brokers, liquidity providers and software developers.

Vasily Alexeev, UpTrader CEO:

«China is an interesting and promising market. That’s why companies from all over the world came to iFX Expo Asia. Participants and visitors showed great interest in the new developments. In particular, we conducted important negotiations with MetaQuotes company which is interested right now in promoting MetaTrader 5 platform».

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