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More Convenience for Cryptocurrency Payments

More Convenience for Cryptocurrency Payments

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The demand for funding trading accounts with cryptocurrency among brokerage company clients is steadily increasing. In some regions, cryptocurrency remains the primary method due to difficulties with international payment systems and bank card transactions. That's why, at UpTrader, we pay special attention to the cryptocurrency topic. We've added the capability to input/output decimal values for maximum and minimum amounts for cryptocurrency funding.

If a significant portion of payments in your company is made in crypto, remember to utilize our ultra-convenient automated cryptocurrency account replenishment.


How UpTrader's crypto gateway works:

  1. UpTrader’s crypto gateway has a user-friendly API that seamlessly integrates with any CRM.
  2. A unique wallet is set up and linked with each CRM client requesting a crypto deposit. This wallet is exclusive to the client and remains consistent across different transactions to avoid confusion.
  3. Subsequently, our crypto gateway monitors incoming funds to this wallet and relays the information about these payments to the CRM, which then automatically processes and adjusts the amounts.

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More Convenience for Cryptocurrency Payments


Less Routine in Processing Requests for Account Replenishment!