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Looking back on 2022 and making plans

Looking back on 2022 and making plans

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Wishing you a Happy New Year and following the tradition, we are now looking back on the work the UpTrader team did in 2022 and making plans for the future. The year itself was turbulent and brought even more uncertainty into the world than the pandemic. Financial markets continue to react to events in spurts and financial institutions, brokers, and traders continue to make and lose money on these reactions. Meanwhile, the UpTrader team has been working hard to implement new and improve existing Forex CRM features all year long to provide brokerage firms with the best customer service system possible!

The motto for 2022 has been "less is better". 

The team focused on improving the existing features and the stability of our flagship product, UpTrader Forex CRM. Here is a list of features we would like to highlight:



The copytrading service in UpTrader Invest was partly reworked, and its stability has significantly improved. We also implemented all the features that were included in the product architecture. It should be mentioned that copy trading is very popular with newcomers on financial markets because it allows you to get good trading results by copying from experienced traders.


Customer service 

Improving customer support is one of our top priorities. We have already done a lot of work to improve the interaction between our technical support and clients by launching a unified support portal. We have improved on communication channels, time to response, and ticket processing speed, and made the processes as transparent and predictable as possible. The feedback from clients is extremely positive, but we would still like to work on certain aspects until they are perfect. Working on them is part of our plans for next year.


Integration with cTrader

The second most popular trading platform after MetaTrader, cTrader, is now integrated with UpTrader CRM. We are very happy to see that more and more brokers are choosing to work with cTrader. First, variety is good. Second, cTrader's policy is to keep order execution transparency under control. They keep execution records and allow traders to view them. It is impossible to manipulate prices because they do not allow editing the databases. We think that the desire for transparency is a positive market trend.

In addition, the UpTrader team has done a lot of preparations for the launch of big and even sensational services next year. Here is a brief announcement of the expected releases.


Free UpTrader Forex CRM Installation 

The idea behind this service is based on the best current practices and an obvious market need. At the moment, there is no other CRM for Forex brokers on the market that integrates the CRM with your website without a team of developers setting it up. We decided to tackle this problem. Next year, UpTrader clients will be able to install Forex CRM themselves for free in just a few steps. Thanks to this service, brokers who already have a website and MetaTrader will be able to instantly launch the CRM. The brokers could test core CRM features without any fee as well as accept and serve new clients right away.


Sales module

The development of the sales module is almost completed. Next year, we will be able to offer brokers a multi-functional module tailored to the specific needs of the Forex broker's sales department. It will have a very convenient lead distribution and matching panel as well as detailed client profiles. The module includes a well-thought-out lead distribution system, user-friendly interfaces, sales department performance management system, client history archive and much more.


Two-factor verification 

Brokers want to protect their clients from any risks associated with their accounts as much as possible. To do this, they often want to introduce additional security in the form of two-factor authentication. It is an extra layer of security which ensures that only the client can access their account even if someone else got ahold of their password. 


Stay tuned for more news, and don't miss the most interesting releases!



Looking back on 2022 and making plans


Happy Holidays!