UpTrader has fully completed the Copy Trading Platform service development for MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5


The first basic version of the service for MT4 was launched in April 2021. The full version included a large number of functions which were added as the development and testing progressed. As of 2021, UpTrader Copy Trading Platform service was awarded by the prestigious Forex Rating Awards as the fastest-growing service on the market. Currently, the team has implemented all the functionality of the project architecture. 

Now the Copy Trading Platform service from UpTrader includes:

1. CopyTrading for MT4 and MT5.  

2. The possibility to choose a copy trading model: MAM, PAMM, or social trading platform.

3. The possibility to purchase the Copy Trading Platform as a plugin in the UpTrader CRM tool. You can also integrate it into your own CRM tool or terminal and customise the interface as you wish. UpTrader provides customers with API and full documentation so you can create your own interfaces.

4. A wide range of tools for investors and traders to flexibly manage risks and profits, such as rollovers, stop-losses, take-profits, the ability to disable strategies at any time, and many more.

5. The option to be installed as a native MetaTrader plugin which ensures precise trade processing.

6. Both A-book/B-book models and their variations. Any existing arrangement is available, including spreads and fees.

7. A competitive price — free integration, $1,000 per month.

You can find detailed information about this service on the UpTrader Copy Trading Platform page.

In addition to the obvious advantages, the service has several features that will allow your company to get more clients and managers to use the service:

1. Stability. No trades are lost thanks to its unique design. Unlike similar platforms, UpTrader Invest is a plugin that works directly at the MT4 core, ensuring the stability of operations and completely eliminating the possibility of missing trades, which is inevitable when connecting to MetaTrader 4 externally — and that is exactly how most similar solutions work.

2. Controlling your UpTrader Invest in MetaTrader Manager

Brokers can manage their UpTrader Invest plugins through the MetaTrader Manager mobile app. It offers full managing capabilities: opening new accounts, deposits, analytics, and much more.

3. Versatility. Investors can monitor their profits via all available methods for MetaTrader (desktop app, mobile app, web terminal) & via UpTrader Fx CRM

Learn more about the service on our UpTrader Invest page:

How does this service help you attract more clients and build audience loyalty?

Many novice brokers ask: Is there a simple service to easily increase sales? Yes, there is. One simple and popular way to activate a novice or hesitant audience is to offer them a copy trading platform with experienced traders. 

Many traders who are new to the market are understandably concerned about the risk of losing their deposits and struggle to understand how to trade in general. A procrastinating client equals a lost client. Sometimes copy trading can help them take their first step. A clear rating system, transparent copy trading terms, risk limitation, and instant profit crediting to their account make the service attractive enough for a client to start earning with your company. The only problem to be solved is attracting traders to the service. Good trading conditions, user-friendly interface, and good rewards can help.

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