Main About News UpTrader Wallet: why do clients need this feature?

UpTrader Wallet: why do clients need this feature?

UpTrader Wallet: why do clients need this feature?

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UpTrader Forex CRM has a lot of features that are undeservedly ignored by brokers. For example, the wallet. 

The wallet is a non-trading account for depositing funds. It was designed to make it easier for your clients to manage their finances. This is especially true if they use more than one trading account.

So why have a non-trading account when you can fund the trading account directly? 

  1. Easier to choose

Fund you wallet now and then decide which account you want to trade in. This function was implemented at the request of a large broker whose task was to simplify the path their client was taking to deposit their account. Since the broker had many types of trading accounts available and the client had to choose which account to deposit, it often lead to customer’s frustration. In order not to complicate the process of registration and account deposit, we decided to create a non-trading account, that is, a wallet for deposit/withdrawal and transfer of funds.

  1. Keep your money safe in a wallet

Keeping money in a trading account always carries the risk of free funds covering the margin on trading positions. If there is no wallet to which you can transfer money instantly and where it cannot be lost, then you must either close all your positions, or apply for withdrawal of funds, wait for approval and transfer them to your account while paying commission. With a wallet, a trader can withdraw funds from the account and not worry about it covering the margin. 

  1. Simplify deposits and withdrawals

If a trader has several trading accounts, with a wallet, they do not need to deposit each account separately through payment systems, it is enough to deposit one account. To transfer funds from each trading account to the wallet, no additional approvals are needed, it is done instantly and the client immediately can see how much money they can withdraw and how much has to be kept as security. Most importantly, the client can transfer money from all trading accounts to the wallet and submit a single withdrawal request instead of having to submit it for each account separately. 

How do I connect/disconnect the wallet in my Forex CRM?

Leave a request with your manager or contact us by live chat or email: [email protected]



UpTrader Wallet: why do clients need this feature?


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