Main About News UpTrader confirms FinaCom certification

UpTrader confirms FinaCom certification

UpTrader confirms FinaCom certification

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On December 4th, 2017, UpTrader and FinaCom decided to prolong their partnership for one more year. UpTrader became a member of FinaCom, a dispute resolution commission on Forex and a technology certification expert, in March 2017.

What is FinaCom

FinaCom, or Financial Commission, is an independent international dispute resolution committee dedicated to Forex market. FinaCom investigates the claims of traders and brokers and acts as a neutral party in disputes. Also, FinaCom certifies technology providers, educational services and ICO projects.

Why it’s important for us and our clients

Financial Commission unites technology providers that make the quality of their services their top priority and are always open to dialogue with clients. By joining Financial Commission a company confirms that it is ready to uphold the accepted standards.

FinaCom certification procedure includes a complex technology analysis, which is focused on order execution on the platform as a matter of priority. The experts evaluate security, execution, performance, emergency recovery system, report system and other properties.

FinaCom membership means that the company provides reliable technology that meets the highest standards.


UpTrader confirms FinaCom certification


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