Forex CRM Strategy: Enhancing Profitability with Undervalued Resources


Some companies overlook tools such as analytics directly in the CRM, where a trader can view current data without changing the interface and immediately make a trading decision. This oversight is unfortunate, as such an ostensibly obvious tool can significantly improve trading volumes and more. The CEO of one such brokerage permitted us to review their data. We categorized their clients into two groups: those who engaged with the analytics and those who did not. The outcome was quite revealing.

Statistical Insights

Clients who engaged with the analytics made deposits that were, on average, 15% higher per customer than those who did not utilize this resource. Furthermore, the average transaction size for this group was 25% larger. Significantly, their trading volume saw an increase of 230%.

Interested in achieving similar outcomes? It's simpler than you might think.

Providing daily, up-to-date market analysis in the trader's room can substantially boost your company's trading volumes, thereby enhancing potential profitability. This feature is already incorporated into the UpTrader Forex CRM, though it remains underutilized by many of our clients.

Market specialists diligently gather data daily, crafting and disseminating both technical and fundamental analyses that benefit traders globally.

This resource is readily available within the UpTrader Forex CRM. To initiate the feed broadcast, we invite you to contact our support team. By doing so, you will unlock a powerful tool designed to augment both sales and client loyalty starting from tomorrow.


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