New Filters in UpTrader Forex CRM for Enhanced Client and Partner Management


UpTrader, a leader in software development for forex brokers, has launched new filters in the UpTrader Forex CRM administrative module. This update significantly expands brokers' capabilities for service personalization and client base management.

Key innovations include the ability to set filters based on parameters such as the trader's country, language, partners code. Particularly important is the new functionality for affiliate programs. Thus, brokers launching affiliate programs with individual conditions for different partners can create unique terms for their clients. For example, a broker may offer increased payouts to one of the partners and configure automatic account opening with wider spreads for their traders.

Other good example of uzing new filter is individual conditions based on countries. For instance, filters allow for the automatic offering of swap-free accounts to Muslim traders, taking into account their religious beliefs and cultural features. Islamic law prohibits riba (interest or excess payments). In a financial context, this means Muslims are forbidden from receiving or paying interest. For this reason, brokers offer special swap-free accounts for Muslim traders, which do not accrue swaps (overnight commissions or interest for carrying a position to the next trading day), making trading compatible with Islamic financial principles.

With the introduced filters in the administrative panel, it is possible to automatically identify traders from Muslim countries and offer them swap-free accounts. This not only simplifies the account management process for different user groups but also helps in ensuring that services meet the requirements and beliefs of clients from various cultural and religious groups.

This update from UpTrader underscores the company's commitment to providing innovative and effective solutions for forex brokers, helping them stay at the forefront in the rapidly changing world of financial technologies.

Your UpTrader Team

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