Show advertising directly in the Trader’s room


UpTrader Forex CRM offers extensive capabilities not only for CRM customization but also for conducting marketing campaigns for clients.

On the UpTrader Trader's Room login page, you can place banners with information about promotions, trading conditions, new services, and anything else you'd like to draw your clients' attention to. You can either set a single banner or rotate multiple ones. The rotation order of the banners corresponds to the sequence numbers next to the images in the admin panel; you can change this order using arrows. Communicate with clients in their language - different sets of banners can be assigned to various language versions of the interface.

Inside the Trader’s room itself, you can also display banners. You can upload different formats: jpg, .png, gif, etc. Set the display period and select language versions to show different banners for clients from various countries.

Use every opportunity to inform clients about something important, but don't overdo it, so the tool retains its trust and strength.

We will keep you updated with new releases!

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