Main About News Expand your business worldwide with UpTrader Pay!

Expand your business worldwide with UpTrader Pay!

Expand your business worldwide with UpTrader Pay!

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For online companies, business has long stopped being about providing a local service for clients from a particular city or country. A successfully launched business cannot stay locked in one region for long, and if the owner thinks globally, they will act the same way. The main task of an international online business is to accept local payments. For example, in Indonesia, Help2Pay or Fasapay are popular payment systems, while in Namibia, only banks transfers are in use and they need banks details much more than they need payment systems. The more systems are integrated into your CRM, the more clients from different countries will be able to buy your service. 

There are some companies on the market which provide payment management systems for CRMs. All you have to do is pay for a subscription, and the payment management module will be fully integrated into your CRM. The fee, however, may be quite high. UpTrader also provides this module, and it is already integrated into our CRM along with ready-to-use payment systems. We do not charge separately for it.

We have already integrated more than 50 payment systems into our CRM, and new ones are being added all the time.


UpTrader Pay settings

The module was tailored to the demands of Forex brokers, so it has a wide range of options. So, for your clients’ convenience, you can:


1. Set a country filter.

For example, you work with clients from Indonesia, South Africa, and Germany. You have more than 50 payment systems. Not all of them work for these clients. To avoid confusion, you can only show them options available in their country. UpTrader Pay lets you change the visibility settings to only show certain payment systems for customers registered in a particular country.


2. Set a rule for new and old clients.

For example, you work with payment systems that require meeting certain criteria for clients, such as successful KYC. Therefore you can set such a rule to show new clients certain payment systems that accept new clients but charge high commissions. As well you can show another bunch of payment systems for old clients with lower commicions.  


3. Visa and Mastercard.

Only show Visa and Mastercard and automatically substitute payment systems depending on the country. 


4. Set a filter by registration date.

For some companies, client registration date is important. For example, you would like to give a bonus to new clients, a commission refund or a deposit bonus when depositing through a certain payment system. You can set up this payment system to be visible only to clients with a certain registration date. 


UpTrader Payment Management Value-adds

  • No monthly fee 
  • More than 50 payment systems already integrated
  • New payment system integration in 2 weeks
  • Free integration of one payment system per month
  • Country, deposit, registration date settings
  • Fully integrated into UpTrader CRM
  • User-friendly interface



Expand your business worldwide with UpTrader Pay!


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