Main About News Set up your bonus program with the 4 bonus type in the Forex CRM

Set up your bonus program with the 4 bonus type in the Forex CRM

Set up your bonus program with the 4 bonus type in the Forex CRM

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We won't say much about why bonuses are so popular. The interest in them never fades. Every new broker launches some kind of a bonus system. 

In UpTrader CRM, there are four types of ready-to-use bonuses: % on deposit, welcome bonus, % on balance, or monthly interest, and manual bonus. The settings for each of them allow you the flexibility to make them work for you.


There are 4 bonus types you can set up right away in UpTrader Forex CRM:


% on deposit

Deposit bonus is the most popular bonus type, since it is designed to encourage those who deposit the account. Everybody wins: the client does because they receive more benefits and trading opportunities, and the broker wins because they land a client who is truly ready to trade. Usually, the broker settles on the conditions and the bonus amount, for example, +50% to the deposit amount when depositing from $50 to $10,000. In the “conversion” field, the broker can specify the conditions under which the bonus funds can be converted to cash and become available for withdrawal.


Monthly interest

A monthly interest bonus has also gained popularity because it helps build loyalty and encourages clients to stay with the broker longer and to keep more money in their accounts since it becomes more profitable to do that. For example, a broker can set a required minimum account balance for a certain day of the month. If the requirement is met, a client receives a bonus on the balance. The conditions for cashing the bonus are also set in the CRM.


Welcome bonus

The main rule for this bonus is that a client can only receive it once.A welcome bonus is a popular way to generate traffic. The best way to attract a lot of cheap traffic is to offer free money. But can you turn that traffic into clients? That remains to be seen. 


Manual bonus

The superpower of a manual bonus means that you can give it just like that. If a manager wants to give out a bonus, they can do it without setting any conditions. This is a very handy sales tool which often helps in the moment.


For each bonus, you can specify description and condition fields. Create your own conditions for bonus programs using our settings!


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Set up your bonus program with the 4 bonus type in the Forex CRM


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