Click2Call Feature in the Sales Team Interface, set to launch in October 2023


We continue to introduce you to the features of the highly anticipated Sales Team Interface in Forex CRM - Click2Call. This tool will be invaluable for brokers who value the privacy of their clients' data. If there are concerns about misuse of clients' personal information or in any other situations, the Click2Call function allows the client's number to be concealed during a call.

How to activate Click2Call?

- In the administrative interface, go to the "Click2Call" section.
- Choose your telephone provider, for example, Voiso.
- Some providers, such as Voiso, require the use of an API token. Obtain this token from your provider and input it in the corresponding field.
- Next, navigate to "Staff management" where you can select managers you'd like to endow with this feature.
- Assign each manager a unique Extension number and grant them the rights to make calls using Click2Call.
- After entering the extension number, a "Call" column will appear in the client's card.To make a call, simply click on the phone icon, select the desired provider, and click "Submit".

Now, communicating with your clients has become even safer and more efficient!

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Your UpTrader Team

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