Interested in brokerage business but not prepared to make big investments yet? Looking for a budget-friendly beginner option? We have the solution. UpTrader web terminal is a turnkey brokerage solution for novice businessmen.





We will optimize all parameters for trading conditions

Web terminal is the fastest and the most budget-friendly solution for starting a Forex company

Everything you need in one web application

  • 排榜
  • 报价
  • 信号
  • 技术分析工具
  • 超过300种交易工具


  • 自定义费用和掉期
  • B-Book
  • STP (A-Book)
  • 风险管理设置
  • 根据您的公司身份进行品牌塑造
  • Customisable fees, markups, spreads, and partnership terms

UpTrader Forex CRM

Our flagship product, Forex CRM, comes as part of our web terminal offer. Forex CRM is built from scratch for the Forex brokerage business.

UpTrader Forex CRM advantages:

  • A self-service area for your clients where they can register, pass KYC, and open trading accounts
  • API integrations with numerous Payment Service Providers, including credit card processing, allows for instant payment processing
  • Extensive back office section which allows brokerage staff to manage customers
  • Highly customisable out-of-the-box solution which includes all the best practices

When you get our Forex CRM and Forex web terminal bundle, you get everything you need to start a brokerage company

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