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UpTradaer will attend London Finance Magnates Summit

UpTradaer will attend London Finance Magnates Summit

Nov. 4, 2019

The founder and CEO of UpTrader Stanislav Vaneev and Vasiliy Alexeev will take part in the Finance Magnates Summit in London, which will take place on 12-13 November. 

In the capital of the forex industry - London - 70 the market leaders and professionals at finance will gather to share their vision and experience. The founder and CEO of UpTrader Stanislav Vaneev and Vasiliy Alexeev will be among the experts at the conference. During the summit, they will introduce both new products for forex business and already known in the market software for brokers by UpTrader. 

UpTrader is a regular participant in the Finance Magnates events. For the company this is a great opportunity to liaise with new clients and potential partners, to tell colleagues from the world of finance about the achievements and last developments of the company. 

Being the largest in capital markets, and trading, Finance Magnates events boast thousands of attendees, hundreds of exhibitors and dozens of top executive speakers.

UpTrader helps clients to manage brokerage business and empower trading and investing profits by providing the best in class fintech solutions.

UpTradaer will attend London Finance Magnates Summit

Which UpTrader technologies have become bestsellers at BlockChainLife2019?

Which UpTrader technologies have become bestsellers at BlockChainLife2019?

Oct. 25, 2019

The Serenity blockchain project successfully presented an ecosystem of unique services based on UpTrader products for Forex brokers, blockchain startups and traders at BlockchainLife2019 in Moscow.

The Serenity team, whose founder and technology provider was UpTrader, presented the ecosystem of services on 16-17 of October at the largest event in the crypto industry this year in Europe — BlockchainLife2019 in Moscow. For two days, the exhibition was visited by more than 4800 representatives of blockchain, mining, and cryptocurrency. 

Serenity presented at the exhibition a crypto exchange, blockchain escrow, a margin trading platform and a crypto exchanger that supports transfers from Bank cards. All these services are based on UpTrader products, which any business can purchase as a White Label. 

The most vivid interest among the participants of the exhibition was caused by the new exchanger SerenityPay, which can work both in conjunction with the exchange for traders and separately. 

"It is extremely important for us that any client had an opportunity for deposing on the crypto exchange and on the margin trading platform with a simple Fiat card," commented Anton Vasin, CBDO Serenity.

Also, the margin trading platform aroused great interest among crypto brokers and exchanges. Especially for the management of margin accounts of traders, UpTrader has developed a convenient personal account, which is ready to use and easily configured for the needs of any broker.

In the words of the CEO of UpTrader Vasily Alekseev, in recent years, blockchain has an increasing impact on financial markets. Alexeev attributes this by the fact that blockchain technology provides reliability and irreversibility of transactions. He noted that smart contracts automate processes that have traditionally been done manually: so, now even the most conservative banks have begun to introduce the replacement of letters of credit with smart contracts.

UpTrader IT solutions are products for Forex brokers, crypto traders, and fintech startups. UpTrader offers software solutions and services to create, maintain and improve business infrastructure, attract customers and optimize brokerage and exchange operations. The Serenity project regularly integrates the UpTrader team's developments into its growing ecosystem. 

Want to come on board like Serenity? Contact us!

Which UpTrader technologies have become bestsellers at BlockChainLife2019?

UpTrader CRM Has Added a New Visual Report System

UpTrader CRM Has Added a New Visual Report System

Sept. 4, 2019

UpTrader CRM now graphically visualizes all the stats needed for brokers and partners. 

The UpTrader team has recently integrated a new informative visual analytics page. The new dashboard provides structured information on the number of registrations, opened accounts, withdrawals and deposits using colorful charts.



The analytics page is available for brokers and its staff in the back office interface, as well as for partners. Partners and brokers alike will be able to set monthly goals and monitor their implementation. Graphics show clients’ achievements within a chosen time frame.    



The client interface now has a new detailed section for partners. The latest updates bring extensive statistics for partners on their clients’ activity. 


This visual report system allows both brokers and partners to set clear objectives for their sales team to attract customers, monitor their activity and results. 

About UpTrader CRM 

UpTrader’s 10 years experience in working with different CRMs on Forex market has allowed to analyze the most effective solutions and put them into practice.

Vasily Alexeev, CEO UpTrader

CRMs that we used to work with were visually unattractive and had poorly designed interfaces. It was a major obstacle to mastering and effective usage of these programs by brokerage staff. As a result, it affected the speed of task execution, the quality of customer service, and consequently, the company's profit. So we set out to create a CRM that differs from everything we worked with before. It had to be multifunctional, reliable and helpful in business. Our efforts bore fruit: our CRM is being used by numerous companies, and we receive positive feedback from them.” 

The new CRM was designed from the ground up specifically for retail Forex brokerage business. It aims to increase the speed of solving simple tasks and make its adoption by employees easier. UpTrader CRM includes a trader's room, a back-office interface for the staff of the company, and an administrator's section with flexible settings of access levels and available features for staff and traders.

Trader’s room

The trader’s room is simple and easy to understand even for novice forex traders. Fast registration and instant verification of a client’s identity rids both customers and brokers’ staff of unpleasant time-consuming routine processes. 

Managing accounts will not become a challenge for a trader due to clarity of the operations’ history. Moreover, for clients’ convenience, a broker is able to integrate a web trading terminal into the personal account and rid customers of having to log in to the terminal every time. 

Customers can read the latest financial markets news and daily technical analysis and monitor trends with the calendar of key economic events in the forex world. 


The back-office interface was created for operational control and management of a company’s business processes. Back-office employees can monitor a client’s activity - view deposits, withdrawal requests, and operations history. 

Information on the partner’s activity is also displayed on a dedicated page, where one can see the number of clients, their activity, partnership rewards, bonuses, and personal data. 

UpTrader developers also provided for and worked out in detail the system of client support. The administrator can monitor the quickness and quality of the support department responses to clients’ requests.

It is possible to integrate CRM into a trading platform in a couple of clicks. A broker can offer its clients to download MT4, MT5 or other trading platforms right in the trader’s room. 

Administrator’s interface 

In the admin interface, a broker can customize CRM and the trader’s room both visually and feature-wise. For instance, it is possible to translate it in any language, assign responsibilities and access levels for employees and make the interface match the corporate identity. The administrator defines settings and services for clients. 

Brokers can integrate news, analytics, and calendar of key events in the financial world. Thanks to the valuable content for traders the system can become not only a platform for managing accounts but a source of information for market analysis. It can stimulate clients to actively get involved in the trading process. In order to draw attention to a product or a special offer, brokers can launch ad campaigns to be displayed on the trader’s room. 

UpTrader solves key problems that universal CRM solutions have, being difficult to adapt to forex brokers’ mission. Moreover, the team is regularly releasing new updates. Follow UpTrader news to learn about the changes, that enrich the system with new features and capabilities. 

Take a more detailed look at UpTrader CRM by downloading the presentation


UpTrader CRM Has Added a New Visual Report System

Stanislav Vaneev: I Regret Opening a Brokerage Company 13 Years Ago

Stanislav Vaneev: I Regret Opening a Brokerage Company 13 Years Ago

Aug. 26, 2019

Why in 2019 it is much easier for brokers to launch and maintain business, then it was in 2006?

Stanislav Vaneev, the founder of an international forex company, Grand Capital, explained in a column for Finance Magnates, why in 2019 it is much easier for modern “cloud” brokers to launch and maintain business, then it was for forex entrepreneurs in far-away 2006. 

Stanislav Vaneev founded Grand Capital in 2006 in Saint Petersburg, Russia, after several years of trading on his own. In 13 years, the company grew up to a holding that works in 190 countries and speaks 15 languages, offering clients the latest cutting-edge trading technologies.

Drawing from its decade-long experience in brokerage business and accumulated market analytics, Grand Capital extended its areas by opening an educational enterprise Grand School, fintech company UpTrader, blockchain-escrow service for participants in the forex market and the crypto exchange Serenity. The expert in financial markets told Finance Magnates how to easily become a “cloud” broker.  

I am often asked how brokers’ work has been changing due to the development of financial technology for the last 10 years. Every time I have a lot to say, as indeed new technologies have crucially modified work of both clients and brokerage firms.

On the one hand, steady development of financial technologies stimulates a broker to keep the energy up in a highly competitive market constantly following trends and increasing the quality of services.

On the other hand, business processes have been simplified so much that I almost envy modern forex companies.

IT-services and products can be outsourced, infrastructure can be built-in to the cloud, and clients can be provided with limitless financial tools and investment services. As such, there is no need to hold a vast staff of IT-developers.

One should not reinvent the wheel – just choose an agency that will maintain your company and simply do your business.

When I was founding Grand Capital, everything was much more complicated. We created all the infrastructure on our own. The market was still being created in Russia, and lots of things happened by trial and error.

Brokerage business required deep knowledge – you had to go deep into both trading and IT-technology. A Forex broker is 80% IT-company, so someone should build all the infrastructure, provide clients with reliable and stable access to online trading on financial markets and understand how it all should work.

Such specialists were worth their weight in gold at the time. In Grand Capital most of them were growing together with the company – they were learning to handle processes by ear. That is why 10 years ago launching a broker cost 10 times more than now.

Today one can order a turnkey brokerage firm or even a cryptocurrency exchange. What one should do is just to turn to a specialized company and buy White Label MT4/MT5 and legal services for LTD registration, open a bank account, choose a CRM for clients and staff or order a turnkey crypto exchange with liquidity.

The launching process is much faster than a decade ago. The first client deposit can come to a new broker’s accounts already in 2 weeks.

Meanwhile, in 2019 there is no need to have considerable knowledge in this field. Many entrepreneurs coming to UpTrader are far from being experts in brokerage business or cryptocurrencies.

And that is fine for a broker now. One just needs to get the hang of just two things: lead generation and sales. All the technically complicated stuff and legal issues with business maintenance can be entrusted to professionals.

However, to make it look easy today, someone should have faced difficulties yesterday. All those opportunities have been created for years by brokerage company employees, including the programmers’ team of Grand Capital.

Initially, we were creating program solutions for ourselves. Thus, in 2015 IT startup UpTrader was founded. Today it is already a large independent company with a team of 30 professionals.

It provides SaaS solutions, technical support, and other services for forex brokers from all over the world.

Let me demonstrate it on the example of our CRM. Initially, Grand Capital used a range of ready-to-use systems for businesses. Mostly all of them were visually unattractive with poorly worked out interfaces.

This fact became a crucial obstacle to mastering and effective usage of the program by our employees.

Eventually, it affected the speed of task execution, the quality of services for a client and consequently, the company income.

That is why we set our minds on creating a CRM that differs from everything we worked with before. We accumulated all the deficiencies of the universal CRMs, analyzed the needs of both brokers and traders, and tested the smartest solutions in order to implement them in practice.

Initially in the frame of Grand Capital’s activity, and further under the UpTrader brand, we worked on our own system tailored to specific brokers’ activity.

This product created by our team along with our other solutions is unique in the market, as initially it was developed exclusively for the needs of Grand Capital.

It was designed to increase the speed of solving tasks and simplify the mastering of the program by employees. Presently, UpTrader CRMincludes trader’s room, back-office interface for the staff of the company, and the administrator’s office section with flexible settings of access levels and available features for staff and customers.

As a result of numerous modifications and upgrades, we created a functional system that is already used by dozens of other brokerage firms.

Many of them highlight the CRM’s intuitive design, easiness, visual attractiveness and of course the functionality.

For instance, tons of payment solutions allow attracting clients from anywhere in the world, the partnership program contributes to the growth of the business, flexible settings of operational work increase clients’ satisfaction and speed of task execution by a broker’s staff.

I know that the UpTrader team regularly releases updates enriching the system with new functions and capabilities.

Referring to brokers in 2006, at that time we had to create many solutions from scratch for our own objectives. To some extent, I even regret that I created a brokerage business not now, but 13 years ago.

Otherwise, I would have come to a set table. On the other hand, though the work on solving brokers’ problems was complicated, long, and expensive, I am glad that we made it all the way to direct brokers literally to clouds.


Stanislav Vaneev: I Regret Opening a Brokerage Company 13 Years Ago

RAMM copy trading platform is now available to UpTrader clients

RAMM copy trading platform is now available to UpTrader clients

July 26, 2019

UpTrader launched integration of a new generation copy trading system - RAMM-accounts. The service will help brokers to increase trading volumes by attracting new clients and traders. 

In recent years, copy trading increased dramatically in its popularity among all the participants of Forex community, so for brokerage, such services became their way into the mass audience. However, seeking to satisfy their clients’ inquiries, brokers inevitably deal with deficiencies of the platforms. 


First, brokerage firms integrating popular copy trading services to their platforms face difficulties in attracting traders. A service can stand idle for months while the company negotiates with traders trying to lure them away from rival brokers in order to provide clients with a large choice of strategies. 


Second, heavy plugins for copy trading on MT4 frequently conflict with other applications responsible for the steady work of a server. Thus, the deals duplicating process results in breakdowns of brokerage platforms. 


In addition, brokers often have to develop their own interface and a range of tools for particular investing services, which delays its launch. 


Since July 2019 UpTrader provides a new generation model of investment RAMM (Risk Allocation & Money Management) by IT-company RAMMFX. The developers have successfully overcome the above-mentioned shortcomings of copy trading services. 


Contrary to the competing systems, RAMM allows sharing strategies of traders from other brokerage platforms. A trader just needs to open an account on RAMM service with a minimum balance. His trading performance will be reflected in RAMM as a trading strategy. Thus, a broker is able to fill up a rating with a wide range of strategies in the short term, that will actively stimulate clients to invest.  


The problem of server overloading is solved as RAMM is not a plugin, but a complete trading platform with its own server. It is compatible with any broker whatever trading platform he uses or whether he actually has any. 


RAMM has a ready-to-use advanced interface with all graphs and statistics needed for traders and investors. Setting up RAMM White Label by the UpTrader team takes just around a week. The service can include branding, building risk-hedging schemes, setting trading conditions, changing swaps, commissions, and spreads, as well as other tools according to the individual inquiries. 


RAMM provides accuracy of copying and full control over the process that will attract and retain even the most careful investors. They can leave the strategy at any moment, as well as set the limitation on their losses and targets. They also are able to invest in the limitless number of strategies at once from one account, thereby diversifying their risks.


Netting of trades in RAMM system allows clients to avoid extra fees. At the same time, due to this feature, a broker is able to flexibly customize risk-hedging throughout a company. 


Despite the crucial advantages of the platform, connection and technical support costs are slightly below the market. It can be connected as an external system with a separate account or as a system copying signals from one MT-account to another. Brokers can build an infrastructure around the platform on their own or with the help of the UpTrader team. 


For new players in the market, RAMM is also available in one package with White Label МТ4/МТ5, integration of payment systems, CRM and a liquidity aggregator.

RAMM copy trading platform is now available to UpTrader clients

How To Attract New Clients For Brokers?

How To Attract New Clients For Brokers?

July 14, 2019


The complexity of classic types of trading in Forex often deters beginners. Investment services aim to make the entrance to the game easier. There are plenty of them and they all sound similar: LAMM, LAMM, MAM, RAMM...


But which one is safer and easier for both newcomers and experienced clients of forex brokers? To answer this question, let’s review the main investment services that are in high demand by traders and investors. 

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How To Attract New Clients For Brokers?